Virginia Metheny
Virginia Metheny

Liza Morrow (photo shoot for season 9)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "A Touch of Sable" (1988)
Last appearance "Virginia Reels" (1989)
Portrayed by Liza Morrow

Romanced with

Dex Dexter (198x)
Adam Carrington (1988-1989)

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Krystle Carrington






In Dayton, Ohio lived a struggling family, the Grants. When the father died, he left barely enough money for his burial. Daughter Krystle married up and coming tennis star, Mark Jennings, and her sister Iris married stock car racer Frank Dean. They struggled, but survived. Their cousin Virginia had to struggle harder.

By the time she turned fifteen, she was homeless, living on the streets, and turned to prostitution for survival and called herself "Ginger". At sixteen, she thought she found a way out of the slums when she met Dex Dexter in a bar close to his father Sam's office. Dex promised to take "Ginger" away with him, but left her behind holding a set of arcade photos of the two of them.

Virginia withstood, and when Krystle returned to Dayton in 1988, Virginia had a modest home. While her lifestyle wasn't as lavish as her cousin's, Virginia was comfortable. Krystle persuaded Virginia to go home with her. Virginia did as Krystle asked, but soon regretted it.

Her life in Denver was as tough as her life on the streets - she clashed with second-degree cousin Sammy Jo; Adam Carrington humiliated her; and when reunited with Dex, he failed to recognize her. Since Krystle had slipped into a coma soon after Virginia's arrival, her only true friend was Sable Colby, who took Virginia under he wing.

Despite Sable's attentions, Virginia couldn't hide the shame Adam inflicted within her, so she slipped out of town.

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