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Scene 1 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's room)

Blake and Fallon are vigiling Jeff. The doctor tells them that he is not going to die but yet he is in a worrying state. Fallon feels guilty, her idea of being Jeff’s conservator was wrong.

Scene 2 : Denver Memorial

Alexis goes to see Jeff at the hospital but only manages to see Krystle who fills Alexis in on the situation. The doctors do not know what is wrong with Jeff but they are running tests. The idea of tests brings terror to Alexis. Fortunately, Adam shows up in time to run interference and get Alexis out of there.

Scene 3 : Denver Memorial (Elevator)

Alexis tells Adam once they run tests his whole adventure will be exposed. Adam assures her that no one will learn that he poisoned Jeff. He will have the office redone for Alexis to work from and if anyone asks, Alexis can just say that the color of the office had clashed with her eyes.

Scene 4 : Denver Memorial

Krystle tells Blake that Alexis is acting strangely. She suspects her to have something to do with this.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

Fallon is still preoccupied. If she had not slept with Mark, if she had not stated she wanted to be Jeff’s conservator, he might not have turned crazy. Kirby thinks that it might be not too late if Fallon does love Jeff. But Fallon does not : she likes Jeff but does not love him. So Kirby thinks she should get a divorce. Fallon says she can't and wants to talk about another subject : Kirby was out the previous night. Does she has a man in her life? Kirby says she has. She is not in love with him but she sees the man as a good alliance.

Scene 6 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule)

Krystle wants to Joseph to ask Alfred (the chauffeur) to bring the car : she is going to see Blake who spent the night at the hospital.

Scene 7 : Penthouse

Alexis is still hysterical that doctors will discover that Jeff has been poisoned. Adam tells his mother he will handle it.

Scene 8 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's room)

Blake spent the night at the hospital with Jeff but Jeff does not seem to be grateful. He still has major anger issues with Blake and the entire Carrington clan. He does recall Fallon telling him she was going petitioning the court to be Jeff's conservator.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule)
Joseph informs Blake that Fallon has phoned twice from La Mirage. She is anxious to know if Jeff is doing better.
Scene 10 : Carrington Mansion (Library)/La Mirage (Fallon's office)
Blake assures Fallon Jeff is doing better. However, he is still furious against "those damned Carringtons".
Scene 11 : La Mirage (Fallon's office)

Adam visits Fallon and asks her if she eventually came to her senses and gave up her idea to go petioning the court. But Fallon can't because of her father. She is not going to let Adam and Alexis taking Denver-Carrington away from her father. But Adam tells her she will. If she continues this, he will tell the truth that she had many lovers while being married to Jeff and that L.B. is not Jeff's child but Nick Toscanni's. Fallon is not impressed, she can make a blood test to prove Jeff is LB's father. Adam says she could prove that but he could prove that she was an awful spouse. A lot of people saw her kissing Mark at La Mirage's party. And he (Adam) can testify that she picked him up when he arrived in Denver. Fallon is horrified, she does not want anyone - especially her father - to know such an embarrassing story. Adam tells her he will not say anything if she sign over LB's shares of Denver-Carrington stock to ColbyCo like Jeff did. Fallon does not want to betray her father but she has not choice. She sign the paper but she promises to Adam that she will make him pay for that. Mark arrives and asks what is going on. But Fallon has not time to answer him.

Scene 12 : Penthouse
Adam gives the paper to Alexis. She now is the majority shareholder of Denver-Carrington. But Alexis says it is not enough. She needs to be sure that Jeff is still willing to plot with her against Blake.
Scene 13 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)
Krystle and Kirby are talking about Jeff's condition. Krystle advices Kirby to go visiting him later. Then, Kirby tells her about resigning from her nurse's job. She has received a proposition to work for ColbyCo. Krystle is surprised : who proposed that to her. Kirby says it is Adam Carrington. He actually likes her -- or loves her. Even though Kirby did not love him, she is considering the job... and the man. Krystle tells her that she is right to look for a better job but she is wrong to consider a relationship with Adam if she does not love him. Kirby replies she does not how to chose men : first Jean-Paul, then Jeff. Both married men. At least Adam is single. And rich. Krystle does not think money is important in a relationship. There is nothing wrong to remain the downstairs girl.
Scene 14 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)
Fallon comes to see Blake. He asks her if she visited Jeff. She did not yet. She needed some time to think. By the way, she is going to divorce him. Blake does not understand. Fallon does not want to give him details and aks him to give her the divorce papers Andrew Laird prepared a few days ago. She signs them and asks Blake to go with her to make Jeff signing them. Blake is quite furious. If she wants to go through this, she has to do all by herself.
Scene 15 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's room)
Adam is with Jeff. He wants to know if the lab has discovered anything. Jeff tells him that it has not. He also tells him that he did remember signing a paper. Adam reminds him he signs a paper giving his son's shares of Denver-Carrington to ColbyCo. He did that because Fallon wanting to become his conservator. Jeff is still furious but he is unsure of continuing all this drama.
Scene 16 : Denver Memorial
Adam hits on Fallon. She wants to know what he is plotting now? Adam replies he was only came to see his brother-in-law. Future-ex-brother-in-law says Fallon. She is going to give Jeff his freedom.
Scene 17 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's bedroom)
Fallon gives Jeff the divorce papers. She is sorry for what she did to him : dealing with Cecil in exchange of marrying Jeff, cheating him and trying to be his conservator. He is also sorry to have tried to kill her. He was not himself the last few days. He thinks they can have a second chance. But Fallon says they already had a second chance. Now it is time to stop hurting each other. Jeff reluctantly signs the papers. It is painful for both of them.
Scene 18 : Denver Memorial (Corridor)
Adam hits the staff up for information and learns that the lab has not discovered anything and they may never will. .
Scene 19 : Carrington Mansion (Fallon's bedroom)
Fallon is going to fly off to Haiti to get the divorce. Krystle is concerned that going to a developing nation for a divorce is not always a success, just look at what it has done with her and Mark. Fallon is determined to get the divorce and nothing will stop her.
Scene 20 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule)
Krystle is going to phone Blake when the phone rings. It is Mark : he wants to know if Fallon is okay because she did not return to La Mirage and the last time he saw her she was quite shaken. Krystle tells him she has not time to explain the situation to him, she needs to call Blake and warns him that Fallon is going to Haiti to get her divorce.
Scene 21 : Carrington Jet
Blake tries to stop Fallon to leave but she does not want to. She needs to put an end to this story.Blake senses that there is something else she is trying to hide from him. Fallon starts crying and confesses she signed over LB's shares of Denver-Carrington stock to ColbyCo. Blake is stunned : how could she betrayed him ? She lied and said she had no choice. Jeff told her to sign this paper or else he would not have signed the divorce papers. Blake understands but he is bitter.
Scene 22 : Penthouse
Adam tells Alexis that Jeff is unsure to continue the fight against Blake. Alexis says she is now going to handle things personally. She then phones to Gerard Wilson and asked him to prepare a document where Jeff gives her the temporary control of ColbyCo. She hangs up and tells Adam she is planning to send Jeff to Switzerland. In the meantime, she wants Adam not only to remove the wood paneling in Jeff's office (soon to be hers) but to burned it.
Scene 23 : Haiti Ressort Hotel
In Haiti, Fallon meets another woman who is down there for a divorce.
Scene 24 : Haiti Ressort Hotel

Fallon will not be alone in her hotel as the room service that arrives at 3am, which she did not order, turns out to be Mark, who is there to keep Fallon company. Fallon suggests she does not need someone to "comfort" her. Mark is offended that Fallon would assume he would travel so far, just to score, even if that is what Mark is trying to do. Now that Fallon is divorced, he is thinking of a more "permanent" relation with her...

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