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Scene 1 : Carrington Mansion (Stairs)

Blake comes home and wants to see Fallon. Krystle says she locked herself in her bedroom but that does not stop Blake.

Scene 2 : Carrington Mansion (Fallon’s bedroom)

Fallon tells her father Jeff should leave the mansion immediately. Also, she wants to divorce him. If Blake wants to take La Mirage back, she will not stop him. Blake will not do that and agrees for the divorce but but he wants Jeff to see a psychiatrist. If Jeff lost his mind, he should be treated properly.

Scene 3 : Penthouse (Adam’s bedroom)

Alexis is not finished with Adam. When he returns, Alexis wants to talk to him, but Adam plays the sympathetic card and claims he is doing what he is doing because Blake pretty much gave up the search for him. Alexis is concerned that Adam is killing Jeff just to help her, but Adam assures her that it will not kill Jeff and implores his mother to believe him. Alexis feels she has no choice but to do so. But she is determined to return to ColbyCo in order to have an eye on him.

Scene 4 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule/Conservatory)

Blake wants to reason with Jeff and find out what is wrong, but Jeff does not want to listen to Blake. Jeff firmly believes that Blake will always side against him because he is still a Colby.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Fallon's bedroom)

Fallon does not want to leave her bedroom but Krystle convinces her to do so. She needs to move on.

Scene 6 : Carrington Limo

Blake calls Andrew Laird. He wants him to come to Denver with divorce papers.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

Kirby tells Fallon that Jeff told her how much he loves Fallon. But Fallon does not believe it is true.

Scene 8 : ColbyCo (Jeff's office)
Jeff receives a call from Andrew Laird : Fallon wants to divorce. Jeff is furious against Fallon but also against Blake who hired Andrew. Well, Jeff is going to show Blake. He asks Adam to come in his office.
Scene 9 : Penthouse
Alexis calls Jeff at ColbyCo but she can't reach him.
Scene 10 : ColbyCo (Jeff's office)

Jeff beckons Adam and agrees to sign over LB's shares of Denver-Carrington stock to ColbyCo. Thus, he and Alexis will take control over Denver-Carrington. Alexis suggests Jeff to go on vacation to Switzerland and to continue this without him but he refuses. However, since Blake kicked him out, he accepts Alexis' invitation to stay at the penthouse. Adam is not pleased with that.

Scene 11 : ColbyCo (Secretary's office)
Alexis is too concerned about Jeff's health to enjoy the triumph. Also, Jeff's signature has no value if Fallon doesn't sign the same paper. But Adam will find a way to make her sign.
Scene 12 : La Mirage (Tennis Courts)
Mark is relieved to see Fallon back at work. He tries to kiss him but she repulses him. She is not in the mood.
Scene 13 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)
Jeff is more than pleased to tell Blake what he is going to do with Alexis' aid. Blake is sad that Jeff has changed so much but he will not let him and Alexis win. Once Jeff is out, Blake calls his chauffeur. They are going to La mirage.
Scene 14 : La Mirage (Fallon's office)
Blake explains the situation to Fallon. She understands it very well and tells him she will not sign any paper. Even the divorce papers. She has got an idea : go petitioning the court to name her as Jeff’s conservator since he is obviously wonky. She even suggests to use Jeff's shares of ColbyCo to merge the company with Denver-Carrington and have Blake being the CEO. Blake is impressed with his daughter. He will help her.
Scene 15 : Penthouse
Adam convinces Kirby to have dinner with him. And he also convinced his mother he is not more machiavellian than she is.
Scene 16 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)
Krystle can't believe how Jeff has changed in a few months. She suspects Alexis to have taken advantage of Jeff's condition to poison his mind. Blake thinks she is right but there might be something other than that. Krystle thinks Fallon is not right to go to the court but Blake says that it will be temporary. Once Jeff is doing better, he will have his shares back. Krystle convinces Blake to explain that to Jeff.
Scene 17 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule)
Joseph sees Kirby leaving and asks where she goes -- and with whom. Kirby says she is going to the restaurant but refuses to say with whom. Joseph suspects it is Adam. Alexis actually told him that Kirby had dinner with Adam a few weeks ago in the penthouse. Kirby says that it is Adam indeed. Joseph thought she was in love with Jeff. She does love Jeff but he loves Fallon so much that his jealousy turns him crazy. So she is going to find another suitor -- someone who can help her to become a downstairs girl.
Scene 18 : Restaurant
Adam's pursuit of Kirby takes a different turn as Adam asks Kirby to join ColbyCo as a translator. Kirby may actually go for that. It is not exactly what she had in mind but it is a good start.
Scene 19 : Penthouse
Fallon is furious against Alexis and Adam. She tells them she is going petitioning the court so she will be sure Blake will not loose her company. At this moment, Jeff goes down the stairs. He tells Fallon he heard that she wants to prove on the court that he is mentally incompetent. He will not accept that from a million-dollar-tramp (as Steven called her before he left). Fallon asks him if he is going to try killing her again. Alexis is shocked. Fallon leaves the penthouse and Adam pursues her. Jeff wants to pursue her as well but Alexis asks him to stay : she wants to know what happened.
Scene 20 : Penthouse (Elevator)
Adam tries to persuade Fallon to stop her plan but she will not. She is now convinced she was right to mistrust him. If Adam was Blake's son, he would not attempt to take Blake's company away from him.
Scene 21 : Penthouse
Adam is back when Jeff is leaving for ColbyCo. Alexis blames Adam for everything. Adam enlists her to come up the kind of ammunition he needs to blackmail Fallon into dropping the fight. Alexis is relunctant, she does not want Fallon to hate her. But Adam convinces her it is the only way to win over Blake. So Alexis tells him that Fallon had a lover - Nick Toscanni - while she was married. Actually, she started the liaison several months before LB was born. Adam is delighted with such a juicy stuff.
Scene 22 : La Mirage (Fallon's office)

Jeff is looking for Fallon but she is not there. An employee tells him that she is attending a charity match on the court.

Scene 23 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Blake calls ColbyCo as he wants to talk to Jeff and learns he has left to La Mirage. Blake is worried about Fallon.

Scene 24 : La Mirage (Tennis Courts)
The charity match has just finished. Fallon is in the stands. Jeff races off to Mark for a final showdown : a tennis match. Blake arrives and he and Fallon watch as Jeff decides to settle the score with Mark. Jeff collapses.

Next Episode : Two Flights to Haiti II

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