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Scene 1 : Penthouse (Alexis' bedroom)

Alexis and Dex learn by the morning newspaper that Blake was able to reach an accord with the Chinese Government. Alexis calls Adam.

Scene 2 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Blake and Adam return from Paris and Adam is doing his best to not let Jeff know that he was the one who almost sabotaged the deal with the Chinese. There is now a trust issue between Blake and Adam.

Scene 3 : Penthouse

A wedge that Alexis hopes to exploit in her attempt to get in on the South China Sea action, but Adam is not going to help him mother. She will need to find someone else to do that. That is exactly what Alexis intends to do, and she intends to use Lady Ashley Mitchell.

Scene 4 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby/Staircase)

Gerard informs Krystle that Daniel phoned her. She will call him later.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

For the second time, Blake proposes to give to Krystle the money for her business and for the second time she refuses.

Scene 6 : Penthouse (Alexis' bedroom)/Penthouse

Amanda finds it unbearable living in the Penthouse with Alexis and Dex, especially when the two are intimate with each other. Also, she can't stop thinking about Blake and the fact he rape Alexis 21 years ago.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Amanda arrives at the mansion late and asks Blake if she could move in. Of course, Blake will allow it. At the same time, he wants to know what is bothering Amanda. She is honest : she is troubled by the fact that Blake was able to do such a violent act as rape. Blake explains that after he found out that Alexis cheated on him, she begged him to give her a second chance and he did but he was unable to make love to her again. One night, drunk, he forced her because he thought they needed to make love together to be a couple again. Of course it was a terrible mistake and it was the worst thing to do for both of them : she felt resentment and he felt guilt. But he did it because he was still in love with her and madly jealous. They started arguing years before Amanda was "conceived" and they continued to argue until he found out that she was seeing Roger Grimes again and he banished her for good. However, he wants Amanda to be sure that it was a genuine love story for a while. Amanda is relieved to learn that her parents did not always hate each other and that her conception have nothing do to with the object of Alexis' hate towards Blake.

Scene 8 : Penthouse

The following morning, Lin gives a note to Alexis and Dex. Amanda let it to inform them that she was leaving to Blake's mansion.

Scene 9 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Alexis is furious because Amanda walks away. Also, she wants to talk about the China Sea Leases. But Blake reminds her that they don't do business together. Alexis notices a photograph of Blake that Lady Ashley sent him and senses that the good Lady has a crush on Blake.

Scene 10 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Dex comes to the mansion to apologize to Amanda. He is sorry if he hurt her. She says she did not leave because of him - at least it was not the main reason. But now she agrees to come back. Blake comes in and want to know why Dex is here. Amanda does not want to talk to Blake about it and he allows it to drop for the time being.

Scene 11 : Carrington Mansion (Steven and Claudia's bedroom)

Blake is not happy about Steven's separation with Claudia and asks his son to think over it.

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Jeff and Nikki's bedroom)

Nicole claims she is starting to become more comfortable in the mansion and Little Blake is becoming more comfortable with her (even if it is not true).

Scene 13 : Squash Court/Sports Hall

Luke would like Steven to meet his sister and his nephew. But Steven does not want to move further with Luke.

Scene 14 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Blake is interviewed by a journalist of the Denver Chronicle (which now belongs to Daniel Reece). Then, Adam comes in and wants to know the details about the business trip to Acapulco. But Blake informs him that he is not coming. Adam is pissed because he thinks that his father does not trust him anymore.

Scene 15 : La Mirage (Marin's room)

Adam knows Marin has something to do with the mess with the Chinese in Paris. She does not try to deny it. She spent a good time with him but she needs to prove to her father Sam that she can be as capable as a man. When her brother Dex resigned from Dexter Corporation, Sam gave the job to a man who does not belong to the family and she can't accept that. She will show him. Even though Adam is still angry of what she did, he realizes that she has the same goal than him. He wishes her good luck with that and leaves.

Scene 15 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Jeannette informs Krystle that Daniel is on the phone. Daniel tells Krystle that he will be away for a few days because of his business.

Scene 17 : Carrington Mansion (Pool Area)

Blake tells Krystle that he is going to auction off 25% of his South China Sea oil leases so that he can raise funds to develop oil the region. Krystle wants to go at the auction but Blake would prefer that she stays with Kristina. At least Krystle has her Arabian horse breeding to keep her busy, and to keep her close to Daniel Reece. Krystle is called out after a colt falls ill.

Scene 18 : Delta Rho

he veterinarian suggests putting the colt down but Krystle will never allow that to happen.

Scene 19 : Denver Carrington (Steven's office)

Steven explains to Luke that he does not want to hurt him so he must tell him the truth. He decides he wants to reconcile with Claudia and gently lets Luke down. After Steven breaks up with Luke, he kisseshim and Claudia just happens to pop in at that moment. Steven tells Claudia that he was just ending things with Luke and wants to reconcile with Claudia. Thus, Claudia knows Steven had something with Luke. Steven claims he was alone and needed someone to turn to - just like Claudia. Then Steven throws in Claudia's face that she knew what she was getting into when she married Steven.

Scene 20 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)

Brady does get some shady character to help Dominique prevent the take over, but Dominique already found someone, Blake. Brady is not thrilled that his wife has a brother to turn to and breaks it off with her.

Scene 21 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Brady bursts onto Blake's office. He is furious that Blake allows himself to interfere in his business with Dominique. Also, he accuses him to not be honest with Dominique and promises to prove it to her.

Scene 22 : La Mirage (Sierra Room's Bar)

If Steven is not going to make a decision, then Claudia should. Brady tells her that it is what he is going to do for his couple. He is going to ask for divorce since Dominique will never be able to treat him like a love partner. And he thinks that Claudia needs to divorce Steven. Steven is gay, will always be attracted to men and will inevitably fall in the arms of a man over and over again.

Scene 23 : Carrington Mansion (Pool Area)

Blake does have a great idea for Amanda, she should join him in Acapulco where Blake is going to auction. Then, they will have time to know each other better.

Scene 24 : Carrington Mansion (Pool Area)/Penthouse

Amanda tells her mother about it so Alexis now knows what Blake will do the leases. Alexis is also going to Acapulco to bid on the leases. Dex is going to convince Blake to work with him on refining some of the oil for his new company, Dexter International.

Scene 25 : Delta Rho

Fortunately, the colt will pull through. While attending to the colt, Daniel is arriving in a helicopter and wants to speak to Krystle, but Krystle leaves. She is trying to avoid the temptation.

Scene 26 : Delta Rho (Barns)

Krystle insists to go at the auction and suggests to bring Kristina with her. Blake does not think that is such a great idea since it is all business and he won't have time to spend with Krystle. But he promises that they will spend some time together when he is back. Also, Krystle notices the photograph of Blake that Lady Ashley sent him.

Scene 27 : Penthouse (Alexis's bedroom)

Alexis tried to contact Ashley but she had a horrible time returning phone calls. Finally, Ashley calls her back and Alexis invites her to go to Acapulco with her for some big oil conference. Ashley accepts after learning Blake will be there.

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