Tracy Kendall
Tracy Kendall

Deborah Adair (photo shoot for season 4)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Tracy" (1983)
Last appearance "New Lady in Town" (1984)
Portrayed by Deborah Adair

Romanced with

Adam Carrington (1983)
Dex Dexter (1984)





 • Assistant of Head of Public Relations Department at Denver Carrington (1983-1984)
 • Head of Public Relations Department at Denver Carrington (1984)
 • Head of Public Relations Department at ColbyCo (1983-1984)

It must be hard to climb the ladder of success only to have the boss's wife step out in front of you, but that's exactly what happened to Tracy Kendall.

She was smart, beautiful, and one of Denver-Carrington's top executives in promotions. She almost single-handedly conceived Denver-Carrington's 25th anniversary celebration, and was next in line for Public Relations Chief when Blake handed the job to his wife Krystle, instead. So, Tracy became her assistant.

Seeing one has to get dirty to succeed in Blake Carrington's world, Tracy tried to seduce both Blake and his son Adam. When that failed, she was promptly dismissed from Denver-Carrington. Dex Dexter, Alexis Colby's partner both in business and in bed, jumped at the opportunity to hire Tracy.

According to Dex, Tracy was "very good, very bitter, and very available." Their relationship became more than just business when Alexis and Dex had one of their many fights, and Tracy used her position at ColbyCo to spy on Alexis for Dex.

It wasn't long before Tracy tired of this game, and not only told Alexis about sleeping with Dex, but to take her job and shove it.

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