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Scene 1 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Adam is not coming so Blake suggests that Fallon and Jeff leave the office.

Scene 2 : Yard

Adam goes to the yard where he purchased the paint laced with mercuric oxide and replaces the invoices he signed with the ones signed by Alexis.

Scene 3 : El Royale (Steven's apartment)

Alexis and Claudia are together with Danny. Claudia wants to encourage Danny to have a relationship with Blake, but that does not sit well with Alexis. Alexis, however, will not let on to Claudia. Instead, she is going to try to force a wedge in the relationship between Claudia and Steven. Alexis springs a business trip on Steven in San Francisco with the head of Colby Co's west coast operations.

Scene 4 : Denver Carrington (Bill Rockwell's office)/La Mirage (Krystle's room)

Tracy Kendall, the assistant to Bill Rockwell and the highly recommended candidate to be head of public relations at Denver Carrington, would have probably got the position too if Blake had not decided to give it to Krystle.

Scene 5 : La Mirage (Krystle's room)

Mark goes to Krystle's suite at La Mirage to ask her to dinner. Krystle is not in the mood, and she most definitely is not interested in re-marrying Mark and returning to Ohio with him. This sets Mark off who physically attacks Krystle and tries to rape her. Krystle manages to get him off of her.

Scene 6 : Penthouse

Alexis sends the man Steven was supposed to meet to Anchorage for the day.

Scene 7 : Motel

Adam has a session with his regular hooker whom he tells he is about to lie and it is putting him under a lot of stress.

Scene 8 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule/Hallway)

Blake is finally able to track down Adam.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Adam tells Blake that Alexis is the one who tried to poison Jeff and that he was just covering for her. Blake had wished Adam had come to him sooner.

Scene 10 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Jeff wants to confront Alexis, but Blake tells him that he will handle it. Besides, he needs more evidence, since the paneling was burned.

Scene 11 : Nine Oaks (Jeff and Kirby's room)

Once again, Jeff refused to tell Kirby where he is going to because Blake has sworn Fallon and Jeff to secrecy about the poisoning and Alexis's "role" in it. Kirby feels shut out of Jeff's life.

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Stables)

Kirby follows Jeff with her car. He is at the Carrington Stables, with Fallon. While she is shut out, she notices that Fallon is included.

Scene 13 : Carrington Mansion (Stables)

Kirby confronts Fallon and Fallon assures Kirby that she has no designs on Jeff and that Kirby should talk things out with Jeff.

Scene 14 : La Mirage (El Matador Bar/Lobby)

Krystle has a lunch with Bill Rockwell. Then, Mark comes to apologize and blames the booze. Krystle really wants nothing more to do with Mark.

Scene 15 : Denver Carrington (Adam's office)

Adam gives to Blake the adresses of the companies that make mercuric oxide.

Scene 16 : Yard

Blake is able to get a copy of the Colby Co invoices with Alexis's signature.

Scene 17 : La Mirage (Fallon's office)

Fallon warns Claudia of Alexis.

Scene 18 : El Royale (Steven's apartment)/San Francisco (Hotel room)

Steven was supposed to be away only on a day trip but he not returning before the day after because of Alexis. This over night business stay cause tension in the marriage, especially after Fallon warns Claudia of Alexis. Steven detects Claudia's displeasure. Alexis wanted to be alone with Steven. She thinks Steven should annul the wedding with Claudia. She knows he is gay and he knows she does not mind. She suggest he comes living into the same apartment building as her penthouse and she will pay for it. Steven puts his mother in her place and refuses to move out.

Scene 19 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake wants Andrew to talk to the D.A. to have Alexis charged with attempted murder. Andrew says they will need way more evidence than a couple of invoices. If Blake cannot have Alexis prosecuted, he will pursue a different path.

Scene 20 : Nine Oaks (Jeff and Kirby's room)

Kirby wants to have some sex with Jeff but he is too tired.

Scene 21 : Denver Carrington (Bill Rockwell's office)

Tracy is rightfully not happy getting passed over by the woman Blake hopes to remarry but she will assist Krystle while silently seething for her being discarded.

Scene 22 : ColbyCo (Secretary's office)

A furious Blake arrives at ColbyCo to see Alexis but he is informed she is not there.

Scene 23 : ColbyCo (Steven's office)

While at ColbyCo, Blake says to Steven that he is genuily sorry for the trial.

Scene 24 : Denver Carrington (Adam's office)

Before Blake is able to confront Alexis, Alexis confronts Adam about those papers he had her sign the previous day. She knows that Adam is up to something and when she finds out, Adam will pay.

Scene 25 : ColbyCo (Secretary's office/Alexis's office)

Alexis finds out soon enough when she returns to Colby Co to find Blake waiting for her. Blake accuses Alexis of poisoning Jeff and has the invoices as proof, just not enough proof for a criminal charge. Blake wants Alexis to return the shares to Jeff and to stop the merger or else he will tell everyone what she had done. Alexis is trapped, and, in turn, she is going to confront Adam for what he had done to her.

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