Tony Driscoll

Paul Keenan (screen capture from season 2)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Baby" (1982)
Last appearance "New Lady in Town" (1984)
Portrayed by Paul Keenan

Romanced with







Beefy Carrington gardener and stableman Tony Driscoll often found himself in the middle of the Carringtons’ affairs while never asking for much other than to just do his job. He had many jobs around the mansion, the stables and the grounds. For a time, it looked like he may have been the groundskeeper. Luckily, his job was established that he was working at the Carrington Farms stables.

He cared about the people he worked for, like when he came upon Jeff about to change a tire and stepped in so Jeff wouldn't dirty his clean clothes Tony was also allowed to ride and exercise the horses he was entrusted with.

Once told by Fallon to put on a shirt, Tony found himself in the middle of the battle of the Mrs. Carringtons. When a shot scared Krystle’s horse resulting in her being thrown and dragged, Krystle found out from Tony that Alexis had been skeet-shooting the day that Krystle was thrown from her horse causing her to lose her baby. Alexis, realizing Tony was a witness to her dastardly deed, arranged for Tony to secure a position attending the gardens of Blake’s best friend and business rival, Cecil Colby. However, Tony was faithful to Blake and continued employment with the Carringtons.<

Later, Tony came to the rescue when Kirby’s wedding band had to be cut from her finger due to complications during her pregnancy. He even brought his camera and took pictures of Fallon arriving home for the first time with the new Carrington grandbaby, L.B.

And it was also Tony who offhandedly helped Blake and Jeff solve the mystery of Allegre’s kidnapping -- after he was wrongfully blamed for being incompetent when the prize-winning horse was kidnapped.

Tony was one of the more likable of the Carrington staff members, and certainly one of the better looking!

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