Tom Carrington
Tom Carrington
Harry Andrews (screen capture from season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Will" (1985)
Last appearance "The Will" (1985)
Portrayed by Harry Andrews

Married to

Ellen Lucy Carrington (19xx-1954; her death)

Romanced with

Laura Matthews (194x-194x)
multiple others

Family links


Blake Carrington
Ben Carrington
Dominique Deveraux


Adam Carrington
Fallon Carrington
Steven Carrington
Amanda Carrington
Leslie Carrington
Jackie Deveraux
Krystina Carrington



N/A (†)


Co-owner of the Colterton mines
Investor in oil

The Carrington Dynasty began with Thomas Fitzsimmons Carrington. Tom married Ellen and the two began a family in Pennsylvania the following year. They had two sons Blake and Ben. In Colorado, Tom had an affair with his black housekeeper, Laura Matthews. When Laura became pregnant, Tom refused to acknowledge the baby she was carrying as his. It is the last time Tom saw Laura, although they would still correspond by letters. During the 1950s, Tom became partners with Andrew Colby and Sam Dexter.

Soon, the Carringtons, the Colbys, and the Dexters formed a mining project called Colterton. As Blake prepared to wed Alexis Morell, Ellen broke her leg, and was left an invalid. One fateful day in 1954, Ellen was left alone in Ben's care when a fire started in the Carrington home and Ellen, who was alone and unable to save herself, perished. Tom held Ben responsible and never forgave his son; instead, he wrote him out of his will and exiled him. Colterton didn't last long, but Tom, Andrew, and Sam continued to do dealings.

Tom began a shipping business and was asked to transport German "scholars" -- really Nazi war criminals -- supposedly under Communist persecution. The elder Carrington was paid in artwork that he later found to be stolen Nazi treasure. Tom buried the artwork -- the Collection -- in the abandoned Colterton mines. Fearful of the implications of possessing the Collection, Tom, Sam, and Andrew make a pact never to reveal their secret.

However, during the 1960s renovations to the Carrington estate, architect Roger Grimes uncovered the Collection, and stole several pieces. He wanted Alexis to run away with him. Alexis refused to leave her children for Roger, and when he started beating her, young Fallon found Roger's gun and shot him. Tom found Alexis unconscious, and Roger was dead. He convinced Fallon it was all a bad dream, and she repressed the memory. He took Alexis back to the mansion, and he hid Roger's body.

Soon after, Tom retired to Sumatra, enjoying his wealth and a bevy of women. His relationships with both sons were strained and he saw Blake only on rare occasions.

In 1985, Tom suffered a serious heart attack and the end seemed near. On Blake's last visit, he brought Dominique Deveraux with him, and the elder Carrington made a deathbed confession that Dominique, aka Millie Cox, was his daughter. Soon after, Tom Carrington, man of secrets, expired.

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