• 20th Century Studios were used for "Dynasty" (seasons 1 and 2).
  • Warner Hollywood Studios were used for "Dynasty" (seasons 3 to 9).
  • Paramount Studios were used for "the Colbys".

20th Century StudiosEdit

Fox studios lot map small

Studio 2: Blaisdel House
Studio 8: the Mansion, Denver Carrington, Nick Toscanni's office, jet's cabin
Studio 20: the art studio, St Dennis Club, Claudia's apartment, Nick's house, Krystle's appartment
Studio 17: the hospital

Warner Hollywood StudiosEdit

The lot siteplan diagram

Studio 2: the Carlton
Studio 3: the Mansion
Studio 4: La Mirage (lobby and bar), Denver Carrington, Colbyco, El Royale, Alexis' bedroom (penthouse), Sammy Jo's bedroom (Delta Rho), the Mansion's kitchen, Fallon's office at La Mirage, Claudia's office at La Mirage, The Mirror, La Mirage suites (seasons 5 and 6), Delta Rho's attic, Galen's bedroom (Penthouse), Caress' bedroom (penthouse), Delta Rho Family room, Dex' apartment
Studio 5: Alexis' penthouse, the Mansion's nursery, Daniel Reece/ Sammy Jo's office, Steven's Colbyco office, Luke's apartment, Bart's office, La Mirage suites (seasons 3 and 4)
Studio 6: Hospital corridor
Studio 7: courtroom, Pensinsula Hotel suites, The Crater offices

Paramount StudiosEdit

Paramount Lot Map 042810-1

Studio 4: Colby Enterprises, Powers Shipping
Studio 6: Pool House (season 1)
Studio 8: the Belvedere, Sable's office
Studio 17: Titania Records, Restaurant le Dome, Zach's condo, Excelzior's suites, Pool House (season 2)
Studio 18: Francesca's Londonian suite

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