The Mansion


Dynasty, The Reunion

First appearance

"Oil" (1981)

Last appearance

"The Reunion" (1991)


173 Wessex Drive
Denver, CO 80364


Blake Carrington

The Mansion is the 48 room house of The Carringtons. The Filoli estate, Cañada Road, Woodside, California was used for the opening credits, establishing shots and some outdoor scenes (in the pilot only).

Some of the other exterior shots of the Carrington mansion (including the lily pond catfight) were shot at a 17 room Palladian house called Arden Villa located at 1145 Arden Road, Pasadena, California. Another location, The Enchanted Hill, also called Misty Mountain (or Mists), 1441 North Angelo Drive, Beverly Hills, California was used in seasons 1 and 2. Scenes of the Carrington stables were filmed at Ventura Farms, 235 W. Potrero Road, Thousand Oaks, California, on the Cattle Division (it seems that the Carrington's barn had been torn down).

Additional shootings were made at Golden Oak "Disney Ranch" - 19802 Placerita Canyon Road, Newhall, California (pilot episode), McMahon's Residence - 2 Oakmont Drive, Brentwood, Los Angeles, California (The Nightmare - exteriors only), - Northridge Rd, Chatsworth (The Rifle - exteriors only) and Tower Grove Estate - 1400 Tower Grove Drive, Beverly Hills, California (The Reunion - interiors only).

Residents Edit

Floor Plan of the set Edit

Seasons 1 and 2:Edit

Dining Room/ Fallon's Bedroom


(Upstairs/ Downstairs)


Library/ Gym/ Billiard Room Living Room/ Master Room/ Steven's Bedroom
Main Hall Foyer
Garden Guest Bedroom

Seasons 3 to 9:Edit

Conservatory / Guest Bedroom 1

Dining Room


(Upstairs/ Downstairs)

Library/ Gym/ Billiard Room Living Room/ Master Bedroom/ Guest Bedroom 2
Staircase Foyer
Corridor Corridor


  • White: First Floor
  • Yellow: Second Floor
  • Purple: First Floor / Second Floor
  • Green: Exteriors

Photo GalleryEdit


Bobbing Along Visits the Carringtons and Colbys of Dynasty at Filoli House & Gardens in Woodside, CA37:59

Bobbing Along Visits the Carringtons and Colbys of Dynasty at Filoli House & Gardens in Woodside, CA

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