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Scene 1 : La Mirage (Claudia's office)

Dominique insists to come in Sumatra. He reluctantly accepts.

Scene 2 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake comes home after Krystle and informs her that his father is dying. He is going to Sumatra.

Scene 3 : Denver Carrington (Lobby/Secretary's office/Blake's office)

Even though Blake is going to fly off to Sumatra to see his father, he clearly has no love for the man. On the contrary Alexis adores Tom and wants to go to see him also. Blake will not go with Alexis.

Scene 4 : Denver Carrington (Secretary's office)

Alexis leaves Blake's office and hits on Dominique. Alexis asks her why she comes with Blake in Sumatra. "To hunt elephants, what else ?" she replies.

Scene 5 : Delta Rho

Krystle is informed by Charles, Daniel's right-hand man, that Daniel had to leave town for a few days.

Scene 6 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Claudia and Steven are pretty much through. Krystle senses it but Claudia does not want to talk about it right now.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Stairscase/Hallway/Library)

Krystle wants to come with Blake but Blake would prefer for Krystle to stay and be there when Krystina leaves the hospital.

Scene 8 : Penthouse

With Alexis away, Amanda and Dex are forced to be together alone in the Penthouse. Amanda is not thrilled. Dex tries to be nice with her but she is furious against him and against men in general. Dex makes her admit that she is concerned about what Alexis told her : that she was conceived by rape. But Dex is not Blake Carrington, he never raped a woman.

Scene 9 : Denver Carrington (Steven's office)

Luke also senses that Steven gets some problems with Claudia because he has a crush for Steven since day one. Luke admits to Steven he is gay. Steven would prefer a platonic friendship with him. So, as a friend, Luke invites Steven to dinner. Steven reluctantly accepts.

Scene 10 : Tom Carrington's house

Tom remains tough with Blake. But, he is not as tough with Blake as he was with Ben, Blake's brother, who was kicked out of the house years ago and with Blake's approval. Meanwhile, Dominique tries to force Tom to acknowledge her paternity, but Tom remains defiant.

Scene 11 : La Mirage (Nikki's room)

Now that Jeff is convinced that Fallon is dead (because of Nicole's scheme), he is drinking heavily again. Nicole would like him to stop and to care about their business. Jeff just walks off.

Scene 12 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Claudia informs Jeff that her safe has been opened up. She suspects Nikki. Jeff does say nothing. Then, Steven phones to Claudia and wants to have dinner with her tomorrow night. Claudia will be occupied by a convention held at the hotel but why not tonight? Steven can not (he does not tell her that he will have dinner with Luke). They argue once again.

Scene 13 : Denver Carrington (Steven's office)

Steven is not sure that he really wants to go to the movies with Luke. He does not want to give up his family life. Luke tells him he used to be married but his wife returned to Chicago when she realized he was gay. Luke feels guilty because Karen (his wife) lost a lot of time because of him, no to mention the guilt she felt for nothing. Steven understands that he is doing the same with Claudia and is now okay to go out with Luke.

Scene 15 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)/ Memorial Hospital (Neo-Natal Unit)

The doctor confirms to Krystle that she can take Krystina home.

Scene 15 : Tom Carrington's house

As always, nothing can stop Alexis, who shows up in Sumatra. But there is a surprise for Alexis, Dominique is there also.

Scene 16 : Tom Carrington's house

Dominique wants Tom to admit that he is her father. He does not seem prepared to do so but Dominique is very persuasive.

Scene 17 : Tom Carrington's house/Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

While on the phone with Blake, Krystle becomes audibly upset when she learns that Alexis is there. Blake brings up Daniel Reece. The connection goes bad and Blake and Krystle have to stop their arguement.

Scene 18 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Claudia confesses to Krystle that she had an affair with a man. She wonders if Steven will be able to forgive her and asks Krystle if she thinks Blake would forgive her if she had an affair. Krystle would rather not answer to the question.

Scene 19 : Tom Carrington's house

Blake and Dominique have difficult moments with Tom but not Alexis whom he seems to really like. He apparently likes Fallon very much too so Alexis avoids to tell him that she is dead.

Scene 20 : Penthouse

Late on night, Dex arrives home to see Amanda sleeping on the couch. Dex being polite by trying to gently wake her, but Amanda awakes and then tries to move in on Dex. Dex states that he does not want to be used by Amanda (who rebuffs him and seduces him all at the same time) because she had some troubles with both her parents. He walks off.

Scene 21 : Washington Hotel (Lobby)

At Washington, Adam meets a beautiful young woman : a brunette called Marin. She claims to be the executive assistant of some business man. Adam invites Marin to dinner but he wants something more. Adam does not realize that Marin is also looking for something more than dinner. When he is away, she phones to a man and informs him that she has met Adam.

Scene 22 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Kristina is coming home. Too bad only Krystle is there to bring the baby home. However, L.B., Danny and the staff are also there to welcome her.

Scene 23 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

L.B. is sad that his father is constantly drunk. Jeff realizes that he needs to clean up his life.

Scene 24 : La Mirage (Nikki's room)

Jeff makes peace with Nikki. However, he is still very much in love with Fallon and even pictures himself with Fallon when he is with Nicole. He is going to see Peter De Vilbis' island and start building a resort there with Nicole and continue to be intimate with her, if that is what it takes.

Scene 25 : Washington Hotel

Adam and Marin are in bed. Marin is curious about his business and tries to make him talk by flattering him. She states he must be the most important guy of the company he is working for and Adam shows himself off by stating he arranged a meeting in Paris with a foreign delegation. Marin asks more questions so Adam becomes suspicious. She creates a diversion by making love with him a second time.

Scene 26 : Tom Carrington's house

Tom realizes that he is going to die, so it is time for his deathbed confessions. He finally does make amends with Blake and acknowledge that Dominique is his daughter. That last bit of news comes as a surprise to Alexis, but she really cannot react at that point. Tom kind of does recognize there is another Carrington (Ben) but he does pass.

Scene 27 : Tom Carrington's house

Since everyone is there, they might as well read the will. Tom splits his estate between Alexis, Dominique and Blake. To add salt to the wound, Tom appoints Dominique executor of his estate. That does not sit well with Alexis but Dominique reminds her they are one big family!

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