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Scene 1 : Penthouse

A few weeks have passed to the day before the second wedding between Blake and Krystle. Alexis is furious because she does not know where Dex is.

Scene 2 : Denver Carrington (Krystle's office/Secretary's office/Krystle's office)

Tracy gets Krystle to turn over the credit cards and the key to the sensitive files while Krystle is away on her honeymoon.

Scene 3 : Nine Oaks (Kirby's room)

Kirby refuses to let Jeff help her and will not even talk to him (they are sleeping in separate bedrooms). She will suffer alone with the pains she is having during her pregnancy.

Scene 4 : Penthouse

Alexis is now able to see L.B. each week. Irene (his nurse) brings him to the penthouse. This time, Fallon comes to take his son back but she and her mother argue again when Alexis mentions that Peter is nothing more than a playboy. She is afraid that Fallon could be hurt by him. Fallon could not care less of what she is saying. Mark hears it and tells Alexis that some day she will realize that he is the last one on which she could count on - except that he is here for the money.

Scene 5 : Denver Carrington (Jeff's office)

Adam is also tired of being shut out. Adam confronts Jeff in his office but that goes no where.

Scene 6 : Denver Carrington (Corridor/Adam's office)

Tracy catched Adam who seems pretty angry and followed him in his office. Adam tells her that he can't stand Jeff anymore and wants him to resign. But Tracy reminds him that Jeff owns half of Denver-Carrington. The only way to have him leave would be to prove he is incompetent so Blake would buy his stock out. Adam does not want to scheme against him a second time. Tracy says he will need to take the longest ride : wait until Jeff leaves on his own. Adam wonders if Tracy will do that with Krystle : wait until she leaves. Tracy answers that she has no problem with Krystle. Adam is not so sure.

Scene 7 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Alexis is less than thrilled with respect to the nuptials between Blake and Krystle and will do anything to ruin it. At first, Alexis goes to Blake and tells him that she would like to turn the art studio she deeded to L.B. into a playhouse for the boy. She can have workman over right in time for the wedding. Blake will have none of that and threatens to kick off any workmen that show.

Scene 8 : La Mirage (Hall/Fallon's office/Hall)

Peter has settled down at La Mirage. He asks Claudia to make sure an architect friend of his has a north facing suite. When Claudia goes to make a note of it, Peter cannot help himself but to stare at Claudia's back. Then he makes a pass at her. Claudia is not pleased and promises to tell Fallon. Peter dares her to since he will deny it.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

Fallon is furious against Jeff because of his behaviour with Peter at the ballroom. She wants him to apologize but Jeff is not willing to.

Scene 10 : Carrington Jet

Krystle and Blake are coming from Aspen. Blake is going to his bachelor's party while Krystle is going to La Mirage for her shower party.

Scene 11 : Carrington Mansion (Kitchen)

This time, Fallon is really happy that her father marry Krystle and checks out that everything is perfect.

Scene 12 : Penthouse

Steven stops by the penthouse and Alexis gives him an early birthday gift - 1000 shares of ColbyCo stock. Alexis wants Steven to share that news with Blake on his wedding day. She then tells Steven she had planned something big at the St. Denis Club for his birthday. Steven asks to move the date since Claudia already planned something much smaller on that date to coincide with Blake and Krystle's return.

Scene 13 : La Mirage (El Matador Bar)

Alexis does not like that she needs to compete for Steven's attention and intends to do something about it. Alexis tries to get Claudia to change the date, but Claudia will not since Blake and Krystle have already accepted the invitation. Alexis tells Claudia that she does not believe it is a good idea for Steven to get close again with his father, but Claudia disagrees. Besides, the decision is Steven's.

Scene 14 : La Mirage (Hall)

Alexis calls her office. She has a problem and she is going to find a way to solve it.

Scene 15 : ColbyCo (Steven's office)

Dex argues with Steven and warns him to not try to destroy his relationship with Alexis.

Scene 16 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Andrew wonders if Krystle would sign again a premarital agreement, especially since she's half owner of Allegree. Blake says they will be no premarital agreement this time and asks if Andrew found out something on Peter. But Andrew found out nothing special.

Scene 17 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule)

Just like Fallon, Adam checks out that everything is perfect.

Scene 18 : Carrington Mansion (Guest room)

Fallon gives a present to Krystle. Krystle thinks Fallon is going to marry soon too. Then they both lough about the fact that their relationship had completely changed since the first wedding of Blake and Krystle.

Scene 19 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Steven is Blake's best man for the wedding and he is a little bit nervous.

Scene 20 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule/library)

Adam eventually has some alone time with Kirby and tells her he will be damned if his child will be raised as Jeff's as a Colby. Kirby assures him that the child will have the name Anders and that she and Jeff are getting a divorce. Adam believes this is his opportunity, again, with Kirby and tells her that the two should get married and raise the child. Kirby sets Adam straight and reminds him once again that she does not love him.

Scene 21 : Carrington Mansion (Stairs)

Krystle climbs down the stairs with a lovely blue wedding gown.

Scene 22 : Carrington Mansion (Ballroom)

The ceremony begins.

Scene 23 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

After finally getting a hold of Dex, Dex comes to Alexis's office and the two pretty much have a nooner.

Scene 24 : Carrington Mansion (Ballroom)

Blake and Krystle eventually remarry.

Scene 25 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Afterwards, Alexis tells Dex that the two should explore getting leases on mineral rights in Brazil. She has already booked a flight for the two for Rio the following day. Dex is no fool, he knows that Rio is the same place where Krystle and Blake are honeymooning. He will not share Alexis with anyone, especially not Blake.

Scene 26 : Carrington Mansion (Ballroom)

Blake sings a song for Krystle while Peter Duchin is playing piano.

Scene 27 : Carrington Mansion (Garden)

While Peter kisses Fallon, he stares at Claudia.

Scene 28 : Carrington Mansion (Garden)

Krystle cuts the wedding cake.

Scene 29 : Carrington Mansion (Guest room)

Kirby does not fell well but she does not want Jeff to tell anyone.

Scene 30 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

Jeff meets Adam in the hallway. Adam is furious because Jeff did not tell him that he and Kirby are divorcing

Scene 31 : Carrington Mansion (Stairs)

Fallon catches up the bridal bouquet. Peter kisses her which does not pleased Jeff.

Scene 32 : Penthouse

If Dex does not want to go to Rio, Alexis can ask Mark. He is to go to Rio with her and the two will be staying in the same hotel as Krystle and Blake.

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