Previous Episode : The Accident

Scene 1 : La Mirage (Exteriors)

Fallon is the one who ends up being struck by the deserting Peter. Blake tells the security officer to get an ambulance as she gets a fracture in the back of her skull.

Scene 2 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Krystle tries to cheer Kirby up now that she lef the hospital. But Kirby does not need that. Adam still wants to marry Kirby even though Kirby is no longer carrying his child and does not even love Adam. Kirby pretty much throws in the towel and agrees. She forgave him for what he did to her because he redeemed himself. Besides, she doesn't think she deserves better than Adam.

Scene 3 : Memorial Hospital (Waiting Room)

Fallon has been rushed to the hospital but she slips into a coma.

Scene 4 : Memorial Hospital (Hallway)

Blake phones at La Mirage to know if Peter told someone where he was leaving. The clerk says he did not but Peter's lawyer, Maurier, is still around. Blake wants to see him - they will meet in Peter's room.

Scene 5 : La Mirage (Peter's room)

Blake is determined to find Peter. He goes to Peter's lawyer who claims that Peter stepped out on him also and owed hit $25,000. However, the lawyer knows that Peter is going to fly to New York and from there to Morocco. (Morocco does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.)

Scene 6 : La Mirage (Fallon's office)

Blake commands all planes to New York to be grounded until be can find Peter.

Scene 7 : Denver Airport

Blake really does not need help as Peter is caught with cocaine at the airport and was about to be detained by police until Blake threw a few punches at the man.

Scene 8 : Penthouse (Bathroom)

Alexis and Dex have a reconciliation in a bubble bath.

Scene 9 : Penthouse

Krystle phones to Alexis and informs her about Fallon's accident.

Scene 10 : Memorial Hospital (Hallway)

Alexis arrives at the hospital.

Scene 11 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Blake asks Tracy to write a press release about Peter's implication in Allegree's kidnapping in order to clear Krystle's name out. It was Peter who insisted not to contact the police - because he was the kidnapper. Tracy does not seemed pleased and Krystle asks why. Tracy says that she is just a little bit surprised because Krystle told her that she did not want to fight against the rumors. Krystle explains that she did change her mind because she found out the truth. Tracy hypocritically tells Krystle that she is perfectly right and leaves. Blake sees that Krystle is bothered by Tracy's attitude. Krystle actually suspects Tracy of not being the sweet woman she seemed to be.

Scene 12 : Memorial Hospital (Fallon's room)

The family keeps Vigil for Fallon, especially Jeff.

Scene 13 : Carrington Mansion (Steven and Claudia's room)/Mother Blaisdel's house

Claudia is still looking at that card from Lancelot even though it will not provide any greater clues. Claudia decides to call Mother Blaisdel and asks to meet with her.

Scene 14 : Mother Blaisdel's house

Mother Blaisdel is surprisingy sweet and tells Claudia she knows of no one who knew that Claudia called Matthew Lancelot and hates Claudia so much that that person who play such a cruel joke on Claudia.

Scene 15 : Penthouse/Carrington Mansion (Library)

Alexis phones Krystle to see if they are any news about Fallon. She tells Krystle that she did not thank her at the hospital for phoning her about Fallon's accident but she does it now. She appreciates it. What Alexis does not appreciate it's that Adam never talked to her about the baby. She is deeply sorry for him. Adam is sad, of course, but he and Kirby will have another baby soon. Alexis is stunned : does he plan to marry the girl. Adam will so she tries to talk him out of it. When Adam does not, Alexis calls her private investigator, Morgan Hess, to go to the Denver Chronicle and to get news stories with respect to a crime that occurred many years ago involving Alicia Anders, Kirby's mother.

Scene 16 : Nine Oaks (Hall)

Adam wants to speak to Jeff.

Scene 17 : Nine Oaks (Library)

Adam still needs to tell Jeff that he is the one who poisoned him. Jeff is not as forgiving as Blake. Adam is angered that Jeff would want to pursue charges for attempted murder. Adam convinces Jeff that any such case would be thrown out despite his confession to Blake and to Jeff. It looks like Adam have gotten away with it.

Scene 18: Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

Jeff confides himself to Claudia. He feels responsible for what happened with Fallon. She says he is not. She revealed to Jeff that Peter made a pass on her but that Fallon would not believe her. Claudia wonders why a clever girl like Fallon could have been "hypnotized" by a snake like Peter.

Scene 19 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Steven finally learns from Jeff (who warned him about Adam) about what happened and appears to be more upset because Adam framed Alexis. Adam warns Steven about viewing Alexis as just a loving mother.

Scene 20 : Carrington Mansion (Upstairs Hallway/Kirby's room)

Jeff meets Kirby who tells him that she will marry Adam. Jeff thinks that she continues to acts like a masochist. But Kirby tells him on the contrary she will do what it needs for not being a victim of anyone again.

Scene 21 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Tracy is surprised to find Adam in Blake's office. But Blake is at the hospital with Jeff so Adam is running the company for the morning. Tracy is impressed. Adam asks what she wants. Tracy wanted to tell Blake she made the press release about Allegree. As Tracy does not seem pleased about it, Adam wonders if Tracy is still resentful of Krystle. No more that Adam does with Jeff she replies. Adam is sure that he will be into Blake's chair one day, just like Tracy will occupy a high-status position somewhere someday. Tracy interpret the compliment for a sexual advance but Adam will have none of that : he is going to marry. Feeling insulted, Tracy let slip that Adam will never be into Blake's chair : not only Jeff owns a big deal of the company but Blake reinstated Steven into his will. Adam wonders how she could not that. Tracy "unintentionally" hits on Blake's will while looking for confidential papers at Blake's request (actually, he never requested her anything).

Scene 22 : Memorial Hospital (Fallon's room)

Blake and Jeff continue to vigil Fallon.

Scene 23 : Denver Jail

Blake comes to talk to Peter De Vilbis and warns him that he will do anything he can to prevent Peter of being let out of jail.

Scene 24 : Memorial Hospital (Waiting room)

Alexis is back at the hospital.

Scene 25 : Memorial Hospital (Waiting room)

Jeff apologizes to Alexis because he knows now that she did not try to kill him.

Scene 26 : Memorial Hospital (Fallon's room)

Fallon finally comes out of her coma and is greeted by Jeff and Alexis. Fallon asks Alexis to leave.

Scene 27 : Memorial Hospital (Waiting room)

Even though she was nice with her on the phone the day before, Alexis takes it out on Krystle.

Scene 28 : Denver Carrington (Tracy's office)

Tracy is on the phone with Jeremy Thatcher, the reporter who made the article painting Krystle in a negative light. He is furious because she has fooled him. Actually tries to tell him she did not want when Blake knocks on the door. Tracy immediately hangs up the phone, which surprised Blake. However, he congratulates her for the press release.

Scene 28 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Nothing would give Neal McVane more pleasure than to tell Alexis that he found out, thanks to some contacts, that Blake anonymously bought a certain amount of ColbyCo (which he gave to his granchildren). Neal mocks the fact that Alexis made ColbyCo gone public, Blake will take advantage of her inexperience to eat her up. Alexis refuses to squirm in front of Neal, but she will do anything to make sure Blake does not continue to invest in her company.

Scene 29 : Denver Street

Neal knows this and wants Mark to find out what Alexis plans on doing. Then, Neal can blackmail Alexis to keep quiet about her plans. Mark learns him that Alexis hired Morgan Hess to find informations about Kirby Ander's past. McVane asks Mark who is Kirby and Mark explains to him that she is the daughter of the majordomo who tried to kill Alexis before killing himself. McVane seems interested by that.

Scene 30 : Memorial Hospital (Fallon's room)

The doctor comes in to perform some routine tests. But Fallon begins to have a panick attack. Blake does not understand what it is going on but the doctor states she shows withdrawal symptoms. Actually, he revealed that he found some drugs into Fallon's blood. Blake is shocked.

Next Episode : Steps

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