Previous Episode : The Will

Scene 1 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

Martha (Krystina's nurse) convinces Krystle to no cancel her apointment with Daniel, she spent the whole morning with her daughter so she should not feel guilty to let her alone.

Scene 2 : Delta Rho

Daniel is back in Denver. Krystle is curious about his sudden trip but he will not tell her where he left.

Scene 3 : Delta Rho

Krystle is going to become a breeder of Arabian horses, and Daniel is going to teach her how to do it.

Scene 4 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Krystle is tired of being a wall flower and wants to be a doer. Blake still pushes back but he has no say in the matter. Further, Krystle does not want to rely on Blake to get her business started.

Scene 5 : Penthouse

Dex is not happy with Alexis for going off to Sumatra without telling her. He is moving out but he gives her the phone number of his new offices (Dexter International) if she needs to call him..

Scene 6 : Bar in Belize

Jeff and Nicole are in Belize using the map to find Peter's island. A sea travel expert will join them.

Scene 7 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Blake tells Dominique he did not think she was his daughter because she did not come to see him directly when she arrived in Denver. He does not like games with devious women. However, now he will help against Alexis who is determined to break Tom's will. If they both stick together, Alexis will not be able to break it. Dominique is glad to hear that, especially she asked her lawyer to drop the lawsuit against Blake.

Scene 8 : Penthouse/Dexter International (Dex's office)

Alexis would like Dex to come home but it is not going to happen. Dex is surprised to receive the visit of his sister, Marin. She informs him that Blake Carrington is going to meet a chinese delegation in Paris in order to have his oil leases back. Marin wants Dex to help her to prevent this in order to have a revenge for their father Sam who has been let down by Blake in the deal. Dex is not interested by this because he wants to be in charge of the drilling of those leases and he knows Sam will know help him in that (Sam is angry against him since Dex created Lex-Dex to make business with Alexis rather than running rightfully Dexter Corporation). Finally, he suspects her sister to have other motives.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Dining Room)

Blake is now all about Dominique and has a special dinner for her to welcome her into the family. Dominique is touched but now has Alexis as her mortal enemy.

Scene 10 : Penthouse

Alexis is not really pleased to learn that Amanda is already treating Dominique as her aunt. She wants to investigate Dominique's finances to find her weak spot.

Scene 11 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Krystle relies on Daniel to help her get a syndicate together willing to pay up for Allegree's stud services. She will use that money to start her business.

Scene 12 : Denver Carrington (Steven's office)

Luke continues his pursuit of Steven. He offers to take Steven to the Broncos game. Steven refuses the offer because he is going to make amends with his wife.

Scene 13 : Peter's island

Jeff and Nicole are finally able to locate Peter's island. It's a little place but it's really charming so Jeff believes a resort would have a lot of success. For the moment, he and Nicole have a good time running on sand.

Scene 14 : Denver Restaurant (Terrace)

Alexis surprises Dex and Marin having lunch. At first, she speaks of Marin as she was Dex's lover but she changes the tone of her voice when she realizes that Marin is Dex's sister. Marin is glad to finally being able to be Alexis Colby, the woman who made Dex forgeting his loyalty to his father. But Marin states that Dex always loved doing adventurous things like tooking part in several military missions with Daniel Reece. Alexis wants to know more about it but Dex wants to talk of another subject. Alexis leaves them.

Scene 15 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Gerard informs Blake that Daniel is waiting for him in the library.

Scene 16 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake thinks Daniel is definitely making a play for Krystle. There is some sort of mix-up as Blake finds Daniel waiting for him when he returns home. Daniel is angered because he had been waiting for Blake for a while, except there was no such meeting (Alexis is at fault). It gives an opportunity for Blake to accuse Daniel of pursuing Krystle.

Scene 17 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)

Brady phones Dominique to let her know that he was informed someone is buying too many shares in her company (Devereaux Group Incorporated). Brady believes it is Blake, but Dominique knows it is not her brother since the two are now close. She even tells him that she dropped the lawsuit against him.

Scene 18 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Dominique knows it is Alexis and confronts her. Alexis agrees to stop purchasing shares in Dominique's company if she sells her the 40% interest in Denver Carrington, give up being executor of Tom's will and leave Denver. That is not going to happen.

Scene 19 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Krystle is worried when she learns that Blake and Daniel had a "conversation".

Scene 20 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Whatever Blake thinks, Krystle will work with Daniel. They are interrupted by Dominique who let Blake know of what Alexis is trying to do. While Krystle leaves, Blake promises to help Dominique. He and she are buying up her own stock in the open market, as much as they can possibly afford, to keep Alexis at bay.

Scene 21 : Peter's island

Nicole has found a little house and she wonders if she and Jeff could spend the night there. They are discussing about this when a man comes into the little house. He pulls a gun on them and asks then what they are doing there : Jeff explains that they are at home since Nicole inherited the island from her late husband. The man called them liars, he owns the island. Jeff insists so the man tells them to leave. Jeff tries to take his gun but the man knocks him with it.

Scene 22 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Alexis's prime target is Dominique. Alexis actually thinks she can enlist Blake in her endeavor, but Blake is siding with his sister.

Scene 23 : Peter's island

Jeff regains consciousness. Nicole explains to him that she spoke with the guy, Tony, while Jeff was knocked down. He is a man who Peter De Vilbis borrowed a lot of money. Peter signed to him an acknowledgement of debt stating that Peter would not pay Tony back, Tony will own the island. Jeff and Nicole can't do aynthing. Their dream of resort has gone out of the window. Tony comes into the room, apologizes to Jeff but tells him to leave with Nicole.

Scene 24 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Alexis is back to her scheming ways. She is intrigued by this Daniel Reece individual and she stops by to let Daniel know that she does not want him to rope Dex into any more missions. But, that was just a pretext. Alexis really wants to encourage Daniel to make a move on Krystle. Daniel will make a play for Krystle without Alexis's interference.

Scene 25 : La Mirage (Claudia's office)

It may be more difficult for Steven to reconcile with Claudia than he thinks. When he insists on "forgiving" her for what she did, she tells him that it is Steven's insecurities with his sexuality that drove her to Brady, not her attraction to the man. Steven does not want to accept his share of responsability. He tells Claudia they should talk about the two of them when they are not so angry with each other.

Scene 26 : Bar in Belize

Jeff is drinking heavely because the trip is a disaster. Nicole is not happy with it either.

Scene 27 : Penthouse (Alexis's bedroom)

Now that Alexis is back, Amanda wants to talk about Blake. Alexis said all that she should know. Amanda wonders if Alexis hates because she become pregnant with her when Blake raped and if that is why she abandoned her. Alexis is sorry that she thinks that. When she was exiled and learnt that she was pregnant, she went into depression for a while. Rosalind and Hugh were there to help her and when Amanda was born she thought that Blake would take her baby away from her so she asked Rosaling and Hugh to play the role of their parents. She eventually regretted it but then she thought it was too late and she did not want to disturb Amanda. However, Alexis was always close from her to be sure she was all right. Amanda wants to know her father more and judge by herself is he is a monster or not. Alexis is not thrilled by her idea.

Scene 28 : Hotel in Belize

The next morning Jeff awakes in a hangover to discover he married Nicole the night before.

Next Episode : Foreign Relations

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