The Testimony
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 15
Directed by Don Medford
Written by Edward DeBlasio
Production no. S-13
Original airdate 1981-04-20 (ABC)
Ratings 23th
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"Blake Goes to Jail" "Enter Alexis"
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Plot OverviewEdit

Even though Fallon will probably not be charged with perjury, she will pay for what she did on the stand. She may have lost Steven forever. That did not stop Fallon for blaming Steven for what is happening to Blake. Steven has no words for his sister.


It's actually very rough for Steven - the whole trial is about him and his lifestyle. That is pretty much what the Defense is doing. Steven was trying to rehabilitate himself to become a straight man, and it was being ruined by Ted. Blake had to protect his son.

To prove it, Andrew Laird calls the hooker, Sarah Pat Beacham, that Steven did not sleep with when Walter took him to that bordello. Sarah lies and says she slept with Steven but the testimony is questioned (prostitution is illegal in Colorado).

Joseph also perjures himself and tells that Blake did not say "I'll kill him", but "I'll get him". Joseph is rather convincing, even when the D.A., Jake Dunham, brings up that Joseph has hearing loss and then whispers something under his breath, which Joseph actually hears.


Even Krystle gets into the lying. On the stand, she says she has never seen Blake be violent - even though he raped her a few weeks before. She also assures that Blake loves her and Steven.

Andrew, realizing this is not going well, goes against Blake's wishes and calls Claudia. Dunham contacts Matthew and lets him know that Claudia is going to testify and that he needs to get down there. Matthew makes it in at the right point - just when Claudia is testifying that Steven and she had sex multiple times and he was thoroughly heterosexual during it. Matthew is upset with Claudia but he is angrier at Blake and attacks him. He is arrested and thrown in jail for contempt of court.


Claudia packs some stuff, takes Lindsay and drives off, while neither is wearing a seat belt. The car hits another and flips over. Matthew, while in jail, learns that Claudia and Lindsay are in the hospital. He asks the guard to let him out and the guard agrees.

Blake takes the stand. His testimony is touching and brings everyone to tears - except for Steven. On cross, Blake holds up decently and does not take the bait about being a homophobe. After Blake's testimony, the defense rests. The State has one rebuttal witness, Blake's ex-wife, the first Mrs. Carrington.


rest of cast listed by end credits order:

uncredited cast member:

  • Maggie Wickman ... Alexis Carrington

Crew Edit

Produced by

  • Esther Shapiro .... executive producer
  • Richard Shapiro .... executive producer
  • Aaron Spelling .... executive producer
  • Douglas S. Cramer .... executive producer
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Original Music by

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Cinematography by

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Film Editing by

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Casting by

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Art Direction by

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Set Decoration by

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Costume Design by

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Makeup Department

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Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

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Art Department

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Sound Department

  • Michael Mekjian .... sound mixer
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Special Effects by

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  • Jimmy Nickerson .... stunt coordinator
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Camera and Electrical Department

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Editorial Department

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Music Department

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Transportation Department

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Other crew

  • Edward DeBlasio .... executive story editor
  • Robert Gary .... script supervisor
  • Phil Norman .... Title designer
  • Edward J. Duffy ... location manager (uncredited)
  • Jan Nuuhiwa .... stand in: Linda Evans (uncredited)

Info AlertEdit

  • Bo Hopkins (Matthew Blaisdel) and Katy Kurtzman (Lindsay Blaisdel) leave the cast. Wayne Northrop (Michael) also departs the cast, but will return for the seventh season. Hopkins would show up again at the last seconds of Season 7 and the first two episodes of Season 8.
  • Alexis makes her first appearance in this episode (the last one of the season), but model Maggie Wickman stands in for the role (with a veil covering her face). The producers wanted Joan Collins for the role, which was rumored to go to actress Sophia Loren, but the network thought she was not famous enough. The producers fought for Collins all summer and won. She made her debut in the role in the first episode of the second season.

Production detailsEdit

  • Filming locations: 20th Century Fox studios; Lorenzo Drive (Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles).
  • Deleted scenes : Krystle is questioned by Andrew (two different scenes); Claudia hears some news about the trial at the book shop.
  • Shortened scene : Jake Dunham calls Madeline (actually Alexis) at the stand and asks her to swear on the bible.
  • Trivia : Originally the name of Blake's ex-wife was Madeline (and not Alexis).
  • Goof : In the closing scenes when Claudia and Lindsay are driving, the view through the front windshield shows the windshield wipers as being completely down and mostly out of view, but in the next scene looking forward out of the front windshield, the wipers are partially up and clearly visible on the windshield.


  • Fallon Carrington Colby : How could you say what you did in there, that I lied?
    Steven Carrington : It's the truth, isn't it, Fallon, it's judgment day for all of us.
  • Fallon Carrington Colby : I'll tell you something, something I've begun to think and to feel. You're the guilty one. You're as guilty as anyone else of Ted Dinard's death. You allowed him into your father's house. You practically invited him to die. Your friend, your lover. Your dead lover!
  • Andrew Laird : Blake, this is not going to work. She's not a credible witness. She's a hooker. Please, let me call Claudia Blaisdel.
    Blake Carrington : No.
  • Blake Carrington : I told you not to do this. I thought we had an understanding.
    Andrew Laird : Blake, you and I have only one understanding, to keep you out of jail. Now, you have two choices: to go along with me or to fire me.
  • Matthew Blaisdel [shouting]: You had to do it, didn't you, Blake? Didn't you? You had to do it to her, didn't you, Blake?
  • Fallon Carrington Colby : Oh my god, that's my mother.