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Scene 1 : ColbyCo (Jeff's office/Secretary's office)

Adam makes sure that all of the paneling in Jeff's office (soon to be Alexis's) is torn out, replaced and burned. This third re-decorating of the office piques the interest of Gerald, Colby Co.'s lawyer. He is also intrigued by the document Alexis asked him to prepare in which Jeff gives her the temporary control of ColbyCo.Adam puts Gerald in his rightful and lowly place.

Scene 2 : Carrington Mansion (Kitchen)

Kirby is with L.B. Joseph aks when she will stop to play nurses. He did not sent her to the Sorbonne for doing that. Kirby says she knows it, she will not do that forever. At least not for other people's babies. But until she finds a high-powered husband and starts her own family, she will continue to work as a nurse. Joseph does not understand why she does not try to find a job instead of trying to find a rich man.

Scene 3 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's office)

Alexis visits Jeff at the hospital and convinces him he needs some vacancy in a spa in Switzerland. She also convinces him to sign a document where he gives her the temporary control of ColbyCo.

Scene 4 : ColbyCo (Adam's office)

For some reason, Dr. Edwards from Billings has a one hour lay over in Denver and pays Adam a visit. Adam is not happy to see him. Dr. Edwards is concerned about Adam's health since Adam has a similar look that he had before when he was treated in some mental institute because of his schizophrenia. Adam escorts Dr. Edwards out.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Kitchen)

Alexis stops by the mansion to see the kids and enjoying some champagne. Krystle notes her drastic change of humor.

Scene 6 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Gerard is concerned about what is going on between Jeff, Adam and Alexis. He informs Blake that Alexis has now a power of attorney from Jeff over his actions of ColbyCo and L.B.'s actions of Denver Carrington. He thinks Alexis and Adam have taken advantage of Adam's condition. Blake thanks Gerard for his help.

Scene 7 : Singapore Hospital

The doctor tells the mysterious man that he will remove his bandages tomorrow.

Scene 8 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)
After Joseph told Blake that he is concerned about Kirby, Krystle comes in with some good news from Sammy Jo : she is ready to sign the adoption papers.
Scene 9 : Haiti Ressort Hotel (exteriors)

Fallon remains in Haiti waiting for her divorce to be finalized. Mark is still there to keep her company and convince Fallon that he can actually be a pretty decent guy.

Scene 10 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Blake tells Krystle he wants Jeff to move back into the mansion.

Scene 11 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's bedroom)

Kirby stops by the hospital and professes her love to Jeff. During her professing of love, Kirby is fantasizing about Jeff and she making love. Jeff didn't hear any of this because he was asleep. Kirby blames Fallon for Jeff's illness and for ruining Jeff for her.

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Stairs/Library)

To get even with Fallon and because she thinks there is no hope with Jeff, Kirby tells Adam she will work for Colby Co as a French translator.

Scene 13 : Singapore Hospital

The doctor is worried aboutthe man's reaction. Finally, the man - who, of course, turns out to be Steven - is impressed with the doctor's work : his face is the same than before and there is no scars in evidence.

Scene 14 : Penthouse
Adam does not think Alexis' plan of coming along with Jeff in Switzerland is good. She should attack Blake and Denver Carrington right now. But Alexis does not care of what Adam thinks or thinks not and demands him an apology. Adam is obviously preoccupied by the fact his mother does not listen to him anymore.
Scene 15 : Denver Memorial (Corridor)
Alexis's plan to get Jeff out of the country to prevent any sort of investigation into Jeff's exposure to a neuro-toxin is thwarted when a nurse tips off Jeff's doctor and Blake that Alexis is trying to get Jeff on a place.
Scene 16 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's bedroom)
Blake is at the hospital and pretty much strong arms Alexis out of Jeff's room and tells her not to move Jeff.
Scene 17 : Denver Memorial (Jeff's bedroom)
Blake remains alone with Jeff and asks him to come back at the mansion. Jeff is genuily touched that Blake is still caring about him after all that happened. He accepts.
Scene 18 : Penthouse
Alexis is furious because of her failure. Adam tells her that he learnt at ColbyCo that Gerard came to see Blake to his office the previous night. He also questioned him about the re-decorating of Cecil's old office. Adam says he was right when he fired Gerard the first time. Alexis agrees.
Scene 19 : ColbyCo (Gerard's office)
Alexis visits Gerard and asks him if he already had questioned Cecil about his actions in the past. For instance, when Cecil changed his will while he was at the hospital. Gerard answers he was surprised but he did what Cecil asked him to. So, Alexis wonders why Gerard does not do the same with her - why he is challenging her acts? Gerard understands she knows he visited Blake and tells her he has known Jeff for several years and he is worried about him. Alexis says he shoud not. Actually, he should worry about himself. Because now he has lost his well-paid job at ColbyCo. Gerard cannot believed Alexis has just fired him : he has worked for ColbyCo for 30 years. But she will not reconsider her decision.
Scene 20 : Haiti Ressort Hotel
After spending an innocent platonic day together, Mark tells Fallon he would like to kiss her. She agrees to it and to more. They eventually make love.
Scene 21 : Denver Carrington
Alexis finally does pay Blake a visit at his office. Blake has no time for Alexis's antics and does not seem the least bit concerned when Alexis tells him that she now controls Denver Carrington and that she is going to call a board meeting of Denver Carrington and Colby Co to prepare to notify the SEC of the merger of the two companies with Alexis at the helm.

Alexis's triumph does not go as she plans as Blake receives a call from the hospital and learns that Jeff has been exposed a neuro-toxin. Alexis does not like the sounds of that.

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