Previous Episode : Kidnapped

Scene 1 : Los Angeles Police Station

Fallon eventually tells the police her names she made out - Randall Adams.

Scene 2 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake tries to find out why Amanda was kidnapped. He already lost a daughter, he does not want to lose the second one.

Scene 3 : Carrington Mansion (Staircase)

Gerard informs Krystle that Dex is waiting for her.

Scene 4 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Dex informs Krystle that Daniel died in his mission in Libya. Krystle tries to get a hold of Sammy Jo to tell her of her father's death.

Scene 5 : New York (Newspaper stall)

While walking on the street, Sammy Jo sees the death of Daniel making the frontpage of several newspapers. At first, Sammy Jo is upset because she barely knew her father. Then, Sammy Jo realizes that Daniel was rich.

Scene 6 : La Mirage (Marin's room)

Marin is not happy that Adam does not want to bring her with him at Amanda's wedding. But he does not want to create more trouble with Blake right now. Not before he takes Denver-Carrington away from him.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Blake shares his worries about Amanda to Steven.

Scene 8 : Moldavian Summer Palace

Amanda and Alexis are greeted by Michael, Galen and Elena, Duchess of Branagh, the woman Michael snubbed in order to marry Amanda. Elena pretty much wants Michael back but Michael has no interest in her.

Scene 9 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Amanda is not happy that Elena comes to her wedding. But Michael insists that she should come.

Scene 10 : Moldavian Summer Palace

Yuri continues to have a suspicious attitude.

Scene 11 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

Despite what Michael said to Amanda, he tries to convince his father that Elena should not come. But Galen is not willing to help his son.

Scene 12 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Alexis warns Amanda not to allow Elena to get under her skin because that is the easiest way to lose Michael.

Scene 13 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Krystle tries to contact Sammy Jo but she does not call her back. Blake advises her to give some time to Sammy Jo.

Scene 14 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Krystle is stunned to find Sammy Jo in Daniel's chair.

Scene 15 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Krystle does not like that Sammy Jo is drinking some champagne insteed of mourning her father. But Sammy Jo claims that she has some respect for him, especially for his money.

Scene 16 : La Mirage (Ashley's suite)

Jeff is spending more and more time with Lady Ashley.

Scene 17 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Sammy Jo eventually shows some concern about Daniel when she heards the story of how he died.

Scene 18 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Adam is not pleased to hear that Jeff fixed the problem with the drilling in Louisianna. Also, Blake insists again that Adam should not have a serious relationship with Marin, especially after she proved that she wants to buy Denver-Carrington's stock by all means.

Scene 19 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Galen's suite)

King Galen makes another play for Alexis.

Scene 20 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Elena tells Amanda that Michael does not love her (Amanda) : he has always loved her (Elena). Better, she even tells Amanda that Michael made love to her the night before and that it will happen again after the wedding.

Scene 21 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Sammy Jo wants custody of Danny again. Steven would rather kill Sammy Jo than allow her custody. He probably should not have announced that intention in front of Jeannette, or as Sammy Jo calls her, a witness. Steven is now forced to let Sammy Jo see his son but only when a member of the family or the staff is there.

Scene 22 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Claudia asks Blake to help her and convince Dominique reconsidering her decision to fire her. But Blake gave the directorship of La Mirage to Dominique so she can take all the decisions she wants. Now, Blake is willing to give Claudia another job, for instance in his company. Claudia suspects that Blake wants to have her and Steven being close again. But Steven has left for Luke : if she can accept it, why Blake can not do the same ? Blake does not like being accused of trying to use Claudia. He will no do such a thing to her, especially since Claudia is a friend of a family, that is why she has been invited to Amanda's wedding.

Scene 23 : Carrington Mansion (Nursery)

It seems that Danny does not like Sammy Jo.

Scene 24 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Even before the will is read, Sammy Jo acts like she is mistress of Delta Rho.

Scene 25 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Drawing Room)

Elena continues to provoke Amanda, which is working out.

Scene 26 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

Galen is hoping that Alexis will end her marriage to Dex and marry him. Alexis is not willing to make that commitment and is still committed to working things out with Dex. It will be easier once Amanda is safely married to Michael and living in Moldavia.

Scene 27 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Daniel's will will be read in a few minutes and Krystle is very upset.

Scene 28 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Krystle has good reasons to be upset because Sammy Jo has saved her best fire for her Aunty Krystle. She is not happy that she does inherit the bulk of Daniel's estate, but with one caveat - Krystle is responsible for all monetary decisions. She wants the money free and clear, even if the lawyer tells her that is impossible.

Scene 29 : La Mirage (Ashley's suite)

Jeff proposes to Ashley. Ashley refuses to answer right away.

Scene 30 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Michael's suite)

Amanda catches Michael and Elena together even though Michael repels Elena's advances. Amanda tosses the engagement ring at Michael.

Scene 31 : Moldavian Summer Palace

Amanda happens to run into Dex for advice.

Scene 32 : New York Bar

Sammy Jo returns to New York and meets Rita again in a bar. They talk about the casting (Sammy Jo failed) and Rita says she needs speaking with her southern accent to have the job. When Sammy Jo hears Rita practising, she has a bright idea. Since Rita needs an appartment (she lives with an abusive boyfriend), she invites her to stay at her place.

Next Episode : Royal Wedding

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