Previous Episode : The Hearing I

Scene 1 : Penthouse

Alexis returns to her penthouse following her testimony against Blake to find her apartment trashed. Scared, Alexis contacts the police.

Scene 2 : La Mirage (Krystle's room)

Steven thanks Krystle for her testimony.

Scene 3 : Carrington Mansion (Billiard Room)

Blake loves having the father-son relationship that he has had in three days with Adam that he has always wanted with Steven.

Scene 4 : La Mirage (Lobby)

Alexis asks again to Mark to become her bodyguard. Mark tells her that he followed her the day he got her out of the burning cabin because he was madly furious against her. Alexis thinks this deep streak of violence in him makes the perfect candidate for the job.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Andrew insists that he should not cross-examine Alexis because she will tell more lies about Blake.

Scene 6 : Denver Carrington (Adam's office)

Alexis needs someone in the house with her, and she chooses Adam. Alexis asks Adam to return to the penthouse and Colby Co, but Adam refuses. He loves being close with his father.

Scene 7 : Hearing Room (Interiors)

Fallon testifies on Steven's behalf and paints Steven as a good father.

Scene 8 : Hearing Room (Interiors)

Blake is excited that Sammy Jo will be his "surprise" witness at the hearing, but Blake warns Andrew not to allow Sammy Jo to destroy Steven on the stand. He only wants Sammy Jo to testify that Blake did not offer to buy Danny. Alexis wonders why Andrew choose not to cross-examine her. Then she asks Fallon to bring her L.B. because Blake refuses that she comes at the mansion. At this moment, Fallon is informed that there is phone call for her from Billings, Montana.

Scene 9 : Denver Carrington (Adam's office)

Alexis tries with Adam again, especially after she learns that Fallon took that call. Alexis warns Adam that he may not want to be under the same roof with Fallon. Fallon is very smart. Adam blows off Alexis's warning and is sure that his tracks with respect to the poisoning of Jeff are well covered. Alexis hopes so because she may not extend her loyalties a second time.

Scene 10 : La Mirage (Fallon's office)

Fallon tells Jeff to come with her at Billings, where she hopes to meet, Jud Barrows, the former foreman involved in that chemical poisoning case, who is now a rancher. Fallon feels Jeff would be better handling that type of person.

Scene 11 : Hearing Room (Interiors)

Sammy Jo shows up at the hearing room.

Scene 12 : Hearing Room (Interiors)

On the stand, Sammy Jo also testifies that Steven made a pass at that photographer, Ace Messina, in Los Angeles, and that he took her to a gay restaurant in New York. And, since Sammy Jo is lying, she adds that Steven sent her away from that gay restaurant so he could get down with the waiter he had been ogling. Steven, just like his father, yells out that Sammy Jo is a liar, and even calls her a lying tramp.

Scene 13 : Hearing Room (Interiors)

On cross, Chris pretty much paints Sammy Jo as a gold digger. Anyway, Blake is satisfied with the testimony, but Krystle is not satisfied with Blake and what he is doing. Blake later tells Krystle that Andrew went further with Sammy Jo than Blake had asked and Krystle believes him.

Scene 14 : Carrington Mansion (Staircase/Upstairs hallway)

When Kirby leaves the nursery, where she got to see L.B., Mary (a maid) informates her that Fallon and Jeff are spending the night together in Billings because the plane is broken, again, and they have not finished their business with some chemical company. Adam overhears this and feels more threatened by Fallon's snooping.

Scene 15 : Hearing Room (Interiors)

Finally, Steven testifies and during direct he comes off as a great father. On cross, Andrew gets down to the point of this case, and asks Steven if Chris Deegan is his lover and if he is a homosexual. Steven refuses to answer the question. Instead, Steven will stand on his principles because whether he is gay should have no bearing on his fitness to be a parent. But then Steven wonders if he took the right decision and asks Chris if he thinks he will loose custody of his son. Chris thinks unfortunately there is a possiblity. Steven did not want to lie because he did not want to look ashamed of what he is. However, he and Chris did not share the same bed for weeks now, since the day when Blake came into their apartment.

Scene 16 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)/Penthouse

Adam calls Alexis. He would like her to sign some papers about the China Sea leases.

Scene 17 : El Royale (Steven's apartment)

In desperation, Steven seems ready to return to the stand and say that he and Chris are just friends. Chris is not pleased with that, especially since he does not think it will be enough to convince the judge. But Claudia gets and idea to rescue Steven and help him get Danny's custody.

Scene 18 : Billings Lodge (Restaurant)

Fallon and Jeff will be spending the night together in Billings. Fallon, being Fallon, begins flirting and asking inappropriate questions while the two have a couple of bottles of wine.

Scene 19 : Billings Lodge (Fallon's room)

Jeff brings Fallon back to her room and finally answers her about whether he is happy. The two make it to the bed and begin to make love, have a booty call, nostalgia sex.

Scene 20 : La Mirage (Lobby)

Blake acknowledges that Krystle was correct that this lawsuit would end up being a loss no matter the outcome. Krystle spots Claudia climbing the stairs of the hotel and wonders what she is doing.

Scene 21 : La Mirage (Sammy Jo's room)

Claudia actually goes to Sammy Jo's room and tells her to recant the lies. Claudia knows Steven is not the kind a man who sleeps with every gay man he meets. He is a sensitive and loving man who will be a very good parent, contrary to Sammy Jo who sold her baby. Sammy Jo claims that she is maybe trash but she is not a wacko. This results in Claudia slapping Sammy Jo, Sammy Jo returning the favor, and Claudia getting the final lick in.

Scene 22 : El Royale (Steven's apartment)

Claudia returns to Steven's apartment with a suitcase and tells Steven to trust her in defeating Blake.

Next Episode : Tender Comrades

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