The Carlton



First appearance

"The victory" (1986)

Last appearance

"Cache 22" (1989)


Denver, CO


Alexis Colby (1987-1988)
Sable Colby

The Carlton is the most beautiful hotel of Denver. It was purchased by Alexis Colby in 1987. One year and a half later it was sold to Sable Colby. Exteriors shots were made at a 16-room Tudor English manor nicknamed the Max Busch House, 160 South San Rafael Street, Pasadena, California (the property was destroyed by a fire some years ago). Additional interior shot was also done at 20181 Northridge Rd, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California.

Guests Edit

Activities Edit

  • The Hunt Bar
  • The Gourmet Dining Room
  • The Game Room
  • Terraces
  • Gazebo
  • Tennis courts

Floor Plan of the set Edit



  • White: First Floor
  • Yellow: Second Floor
  • Purple: First Floor / Second Floor
  • Green: Exteriors

Photo GalleryEdit

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