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Scene 1: Lankershim - Blaisdel #1
Steven is not at ease with Matthew and Matthew - unaware that Steven kissed his wife - wonders why. In the meantime, alas for Walter, the oil work is not progressing as well. Ed, the rigger who outed Steven, loosens some screw which caused the entire rig to fail.
Scene 2: Lankershim - Blaisdel #1
Steven calls Claudia and thanks her for the dinner. Steven does not feel sorry for kissing Claudia and neither does she.
Scene 3: Carrington Mansion (Blake and Krystle's bedroom)
Jeannette wakes Krystle up and informs her Blake is waiting for her.
Scene 4: Carrington Mansion (library)
Denver-Carrington is in real trouble as its oil reserves have been nationalized. It is time for Blake to hide assets, and the better way is to transfer them to Krystle. She will become a corporate officer, in charge of newly-formed subcorporations. Dutifully, Krystle signs the papers.
Scene 5: Walter's truck
Walter has decided he will make a straight man out of Steven.
Scene 6: Lucy's house
Walter's great plan involves bringing Steven to a bordello and talking to him of women's charms the entire trip. Even though Walter arrives early, the madam is willing to find a suitable girl for Steven.
Scene 7: Carrington Mansion (Blake and Krystle's bedroom)
Kystle phones to Cecil at ColbyCo. She is bothered by something and she needs to talk to him.

Scene 8: Lucy's house (bedroom)
Steven claims to be tired and he and Sarah Pat (the prostitute) only watch television.
Scene 9: Walter's truck
Steven pretends with Walter that he has a great time. Walter is pleased with his "progress".
Scene 10: St Dennis Club
Kystle tells Cecil that Blake made her sign some papers. Cecil reassures her, she will not have any problems because of this. Then Krystle says that sometimes she is feeling like she was Blake's prey, which makes her think of what Cecil said once about "the hunt and the prize". Cecil asks her if she has found out what Blake wants most. Krystle knows it but she can't say it so Cecil speaks for her. Blake wants a dynasty. Fallon is a woman and Seven is not interested by Denver Carrington. Also, there is not much chance that Steven will not give him a grand son. So Blake wants a new heir. When he has it, he will neglect her like he neglected his first wife. Krystle is intrigued by her, Blake has never wanted to talk about her. Cecil says she was very beautiful, really clever, but didn't have Krystle's movingness and innocence. Krystle would like to know why she and Blake divorced but Cecil would rather not give details. Blake would be furious.

Scene 11: Lankershim - Blaisdel #1
The entire rig fails beause of the screw that Ed loosened. The men blame Steven, and Steven apologizes for something he does not do on purpose - or do at all. Matthew has no choice but to let Steven go.
Scene 12: Carrington Mansion (hallway)
Steven meets Jeff and Fallon in the hallway (they have just finished to eat). Jeff tells him that he is going to the Young Republican Club and asks Steven to join him (Fallon rolls her eyes). Steven reminds him that he is a democrat so he should rather join the Young Democrats of America. But he is not interested in politics anyway.

Scene 13: Carrington Mansion (dining room)
Steven throws himself at his father's mercy and is even willing to give up loving another man if Blake will extend credit to Matthew. Blake will have none of that and is furious that his son is willing to go straight for Matthew and not him. Fortunately for Matthew, Krystle is part of that conversation. She chastises Blake for the way he treated his son, and just his general ruthlessness in business. Blake tells Krystle she better get on board.
Scene 14: Carrington Mansion (Steven's bedroom)
After Blake rejected his overture, Steven decides he is going to return to New York, and to Ted. Fallon does not want to see her brother go. She tells Steven to take everything Blake has to offer and to keep his private life, private. Steven does not approve the suggestion.
Scene 15: Blaisdel house (living room)
Claudia suggests to Matthew to come with her and see her psychiatrist. Matthew does not want to talk of his life to a stranger.
Scene 17: Jewelry store
Krystle goes to a jewelry store (Fleur-Furrell) which is small but has a good reputation. She asks the jeweler to make a replica of the emeralds that Blake bought at Jenkin's. She wants the jeweler to be discreet as she intends to sell the original necklace to a pawnbroker.

Scene 18: Lankershim - Blaisdel #1 (office)
A few days later, Krystle gives Matthew the money she had from the pawnbroker so he can continue with his dream without having to turn to Carrington or Colby. All alone in a trailer, Matthew and Krystle kiss and the two profess their love for one another. It would have gone further but Krystle came to her senses and leaves.

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