Previous Episode : Triangles

Scene 1 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Everyone is going to have a good time in Acapulco, except for Krystle because she is not there.

Scene 2 : Acapulco Hotel (Blake's suite)/Carrington Mansion (Library)

Krystle calls Blake but it is Alexis who picks up the phone because she somehow finds a way to answer Blake's phone at the most inopportune moment. Krystle hangs up.

Scene 3 : Delta Rho (Stables)

At least Krystle has her horses, and Daniel to keep her company back in Denver.

Scene 4 : Acapulco Hotel

Amanda manages to insult the Crowned Prince of Moldavia by confusing him for a waiter. Prince Michael is smitten with her. Meanwhile, Blake is surprised to meet Ashley again. Alexis and Dex joint them. Dex informs Blake that he just purchased the Wanger Drilling Rig Company while Alexis lets Ashley know that she has a suite at the 19th floor. Ashley could not care less since her suite is at the 20th floor.

Scene 5 : Luke's apartment

Even though Steven broke it off with Luke, Claudia takes it upon herself to speak to her competition for Steven's affection. Claudia claims that Steven wants a wife and a family and that Luke should give Steven some space so her can discover that on his own. Luke agrees not to see Steven.

Scene 6 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)

Adam phones Dominique as he wants to know why she is putting half of her Denver Carrington's stock on the market against cash loans. She has no time for this. Then a delivery man comes in : Dominique receives a demande for divorce from Brady.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Jeff's bedroom)

Nicole got the idea on trying on Fallon's clothing and jewelry. Nicole puts on a red sequin dress when Jeff catches her. He is very upset, and rightfully so. Nicole curses the painting of Fallon and claims she won another round.

Scene 8 : Carrington Mansion (Upstairs Hallway)

Adam asks Jeff if he knows why Dominique is selling half of her Denver Carrington's stock. Jeff does not want to talk business with him.

Scene 9 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Dominique needs a drink. At the bar, she meets Claudia who wonders if she is ok. Dominique tells her about the divorce. Dominique notices that Claudia does not seem very surprised and wonders if Brady told her. Claudia admits that he did. As her marriage is also falling apart, they talk together from time to time. Rightfully suspicious, Dominique asks is there more than talk. Claudia lies and says there is no more than that. Dominique does not seem very convinced.

Scene 10 : Acapulco Hotel (Alexis' suite)

Lady Ashley tells Alexis she will not help her with Blake's leases.

Scene 11 : Delta Rho

Daniel continues his mentoring of Krystle, which is also a way for he to get closer to her. Daniel insists to learn to Krystle how to shoot - it is good for self-confidence and . Also, shoot to kill will learn her how to make a killing.

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Claudia tells Steven another story than the one she told Luke : she is seriously considering divorce him.

Scene 13 : Delta Rho

Krystle confesses to Daniel that she does not like that she was shut out because she was told it was a business meeting since Alexis and even Amanda are there.

Scene 14 : Acapulco Hotel (Blake's suite)

Someone did manage send Blake a few of this incriminating photos of Daniel and Krystle while he was in Acapulco.

Scene 15 : Acapulco Hotel

Alexis convinces Mr. Han, the head of the Chinese delegation who has great sway in determining Blake's partner, that she and Blake are one big family and a perfect fit. Mr. Han buys into and does encourage Blake to consider ColbyCo. Meanwhile, Amanda and Prince Michael spend a great deal of time together. Amanda, of course, is a tease.

Scene 16 : Acapulco Hotel

Dex does not like Amanda being with Michael because he is a notorious playboy. Alexis approves because her daughter may become a princess. Amanda, knowing Dex's feelings, loves to antagonize him so she is more than willing to be seen publicly with Michael. Dex claims he is not jealous but he totally is.

Scene 17 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Adam and Marin meet at La Mirage and share their respective miseries. Adam feels that Blake does not trust him after the incidents with Rashid Ahmed and the Chinese delegation. That is why Blake is letting Jeff know about Dominique's loan and not he. As for Marin, she has just read in the newspapers about the auction in Acapulco. She saw Dex on a picture and she is furious that she did not ask him to join him. She promised her father that she will be in the deal and now he will think she is foolier that he thought. Adam has an idea for both for them in order to forget this : having sex. Marin is game.

Scene 18 : Acapulco Hotel

Even when Dex is not watching, Amanda is spending a nice time with Prince Michael.

Scene 19 : Acapulco Hotel

Alexis is determined to get into bed with Blake - business-wise that is. Alexis wants in on the South China Sea action and she will harass Blake until he relents. Blake still stubbornly refuses to deal with Alexis.

Scene 20 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Jeff apologizes to Nicole for losing it, but Nicole understands. Jeff loves Fallon and not her, but Nicole is determined to get Jeff to love her. But L.B. is refusing to love Nicole like his mommy. L.B. even calls out Jeff by saying that his father said that he loves Fallon and not Nicole.

Scene 21 : Acapulco Hotel (Michael's suite)

Amanda and Prince Michael continue their ungoing romance.

Scene 22 : Acapulco Hotel

Dex states to Amanda that her behaviour with Michael could cause a prejudice to Blake. But Amanda knows that Dex is just jealous.

Scene 23 : Acapulco Hotel (Alexis' suite)

In the end, Amanda gets an invite to Moldavia. Alexis happens to know very well Michael's father.

Scene 24 : Acapulco Hotel (Blake's suite)/Carrington Mansion (Library)

Mr. Han's opinion on working with Alexis, however, is swayed by Lady Ashley who dishes the real truth to him. Ashley would not go on her own because she has her eyes set on Blake. Meanwhile, Blake still has no time for Krystle.

Scene 25 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Daniel is planning another military mission/rescue in Paraguay. He wants to do it with Dex's help, but Dex is not part of this mission. As he is planning the mission, Krystle shows up, so Daniel takes Krystle riding.

Scene 26 : Delta Rho (Grounds)

Krystle loses control of her horse and goes tumbling down a hill. Daniel attends to her and the two kiss.

Next Episode : Circumstantial Evidence

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