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Scene 1 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

During her conversation with Daniel, one of Daniel's horses goes into labor and needs assistance. Krystle wants to help.

Scene 2 : Carrington Mansion (Steven and Claudia's bedroom)

Claudia is so irritated that Steven claimed pulled parental blood rank on her, that she moves out of the mansion and into La Mirage. Adam sees her leaving and asks her if it has something to do with that Luke Fuller that Steven is always eying intently at Denver Carrington ? Claudia is even more confused by this statement and does not tell Adam that he is wrong.

Scene 3 : La Mirage (Dominique's bedroom)

Dominique is still upset that Blake acknowledged Amanda as his daughter but has refused to recognize her as his sister. Brady is tired of all of this Carrington talk and reminds Dominique she was supposed to get some sort of revenge on Blake. She does agree, it is time to use her trump card : Alexis. She phones her and they agree on a meeting at ColbyCo.

Scene 4 : Penthouse (Alexis' bedroom)

Amanda wants to live at the mansion but Alexis will not permit. She tells Amanda that Blake is not the nice man she thinks he is : he has been on trial for murder after all. Amanda reminds Alexis that it was also her case. But Alexis claims it was different : she was cleared out, not Blake. As Amanda will not listen, she reveals that after Blake found out that Alexis had an affair with Roger Grimes (whom he beat up) he put Alexis in a cottage where she lived for three months - the time for him to think over if he wanted to divorce or not. It was during that period that, one night, while he was completely drunk, he raped her. Eventually, he send Alexis away but Alexis then on exile discovered she was pregnant. Amanda is shocked to learn that she was conceived by rape and runs away from her Mummy. She trips on the bottom two steps and Dex is there to attend to her. Alexis notices there is something a little too close between the two.

Scene 5 : Delta Rho (Stables)

Daniel, Krystle and a third assistant help deliver the horse. The two celebrate the birth of the new colt, "Verdat" - which means truth.

Scene 6 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Brady goes to feel out Blake and determines that Blake is his enemy. Blake is going to make Dominique a lot of money. That is, if Dominique does not sell her interest in Denver Carrington.

Scene 7 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Dominique wants to sell her Denver Carrington shares to Alexis but at a handsome price (to pay Brady's debts), some shares in ColbyCo and an option on the mansion that she wants to keep for herself. Alexis can't accept that : her shares of Denver Carrington are not that valuable. But Dominique knows that Alexis would them at any price. Also, Alexis will not let a stranger have the mansion that is part of her children's inheritance. Dominique claims she is not a stranger, even though she still does not want to reveal who she really is. Alexis and Dominique are not able to come to an arrangement.

Scene 8 : Penthouse

Amanda is still shaken by Alexis' revelations. Dex tries to comfort her but she does not want that. Then, Dex receives a phone call from his father who would like that Dex convinces Blake to sign with him (Sam) a deal over the China Sea's leases. But Dex states that Blake will not listen to him, Sam should find someone else.

Scene 9 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Krystle was upset with Daniel because she believed that Daniel walked out on her sister, Iris. Daniel said that he did no such thing. He had spoken with Iris and told her that he did not love her, but loved someone else.

Scene 10 : Memorial Hospital (Neo-Natal Unit)

Blake asks a nurse if Krystle came at the hospital today. The nurse says she did not.

Scene 11 : Delta Rho (Stables)

Daniel puts the idea in Krystle's head to start a business raising Arabians.

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Blake is already jealous of Daniel Reece especially since Krystle spent the afternoon with him. But, as Daniel predicted, Blake does not like the idea of Krystle starting a career. Krystle's career is to be a mother and wife. Krystle wants more.

Scene 13 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Steven sees Krystle and notices she seems shaken.

Scene 14 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Krystle tells Steven that Daniel Reece is actually Sammy Jo's father. Steven says they need to keep that information to themselves for the time being. Krystle agrees.

Scene 15 : Penthouse

Alexis tells Brady of her offer and of the fact that Blake used part of Dominique's investlent to pay the mortgage on the mansion. She knows he has some debts and suggests he should reign in his wife. Brady acknowledges that his wife is his own woman.

Scene 16 : La Mirage (Claudia's office)

Claudia puts some things in her safe for Nicole, with Nicole spying where the safe is located.

Scene 17 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Adam is more than pleased to tell Steven that Claudia left because she felt that Steven returned to his homosexual "lifestyle". Angry, Steven wonders if Adam is jealous because at least there is a woman in his life (Adam is still single since Kirby left - except for his nightstand with Sammy Jo).

Scene 18 : La Mirage (Claudia's suite)

Steven is so slightly buzzed that he goes over to La Mirage and tries to force Claudia to return to the mansion. When Claudia refuses, Steven then tries to force Claudia to have sex with him. Claudia puts a quick end to that idea and challenges Steven's manhood. Steven, defeated, leaves.

Scene 19 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)

Brady tells Dominique that Blake used part of Dominique's investlent to pay the mortgage on the mansion.

Scene 20 : Denver Gay Bar

Steven goes to get drunk. Luke shows up and sees the drunk Steven. When the bartender refuses to serve Steven, Luke gets Steven to turn over his keys. But, before Luke will drive Steven home, he will bring him to his place for coffee.

Scene 21 : Memorial Hospital (Neo-Natal Unit)

Krystina's doctor tells Krystle that she will be able to take Krystina at home very soon.

Scene 21 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

A celebration is held at La Mirage to celebrate Daniel who gave 6 million of dollars to the Memorial Hospital. Blake takes the opportunity to be there to warn Daniel about hanging round Krystle. Dex is also there and it seems that he and Daniel know each other very well.

Scene 23 : La Mirage (Claudia's office)

In order to find Peter's island, Nicole and Jeff have to sneak into Claudia's office to get to the safe to see if Fallon left Peter's map in it.

Scene 24 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

While Krystle dances with Daniel, Blake dances with Alexis who notices his jealousy.

Scene 25 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Krystle tells Blake there is not need to be jealous about Daniel. However, she does not want to come home with him. When Blake is leaving, Claudia informs him that Dominique is in her office waiting for him.

Scene 26 : La Mirage (Claudia's office)

Dominique finally does her move on Blake. She tells Blake she is going to sue him for misappropriate of corportate funds. There is no time to discuss this further as Blake receives news that Tom Carrington has suffered a heart attack and is about to die. Blake is off to Sumatra, and Dominique tells him that she is coming along too.

Scene 27 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

It may not be the best time for Blake to go to Sumatra because Krystle is growing closer to Daniel. So close, in fact, that Krystle asks Daniel to help her start her business.

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