Previous Episode : The Cabin

Scene 1 : Cabin (Interiors/Exteriors)

Krystle and Alexis are rescued by Mark. Ever astute, Mark tells Krystle that the cabin was locked from the outside so someone was trying to kill them. But the target really was Alexis.

Scene 2 : Denver Street

Alexis and Krystle are rushed to the hospital.

Scene 3 : Nine Oaks (Vestibule/Jeff and Kirby's room)

Jeff and Kirby are finally moving out in Cecil Colby's former estate. Now that Kirby is certain Adam is her baby's father, she is very much worried. Any attempt by Jeff to get Kirby to tell him what is wrong falls on deaf ears.

Scene 4 : Cheney Hospital (Exteriors)

Alexis and Krystle arrived at the hospital.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Steven goes over to the mansion to confront his father. Blake is determined not to let his grandson grow up in the environment that Steven is providing.

Scene 6 : Cheney Hospital (Exteriors/Hallway)

Blake has been informed about the incident and rushes to the hospital. He meets with Mark who tries to prevent him to see Krystle.

Scene 7 : Cheney Hospital (Krystle's room)

Krystle is in pretty good condition and only needs a night in the hospital.

Scene 8 : Cheney Hospital (Hallway)

Fallon is talking with Jeff. She tells him to go back home with Kirby. She needs him right now. Than Fallon tells Steven that she wonders what Alexis lured Krystle out at the cabin. Finally, after refusing to talk with Mark, Fallon gives a message for Dr. Robinson to a desk nurse.

Scene 9 : Cheney Hospital (Alexis' room)

Alexis, on the other hand, needs a little more time. The time is good for Alexis who, when she first awakes, is concerned whether her face was burned.

Scene 10 : Cheney Hospital (Hallway)

Steven tells Adam that he should not go go in Alexis' room but he does not want to follow his brother's advice.

Scene 11 : Cheney Hospital (Alexis' room)

Even almost being killed does not stop Alexis from being still cold to Adam. When Adam visits her, Alexis pretty much accuses him of setting the fire.

Scene 12 : Cheney Hospital (Hallway)

All this does is draw Adam closer to Blake, especially since Steven has definitively pulled away from his father.

Scene 13 : Cheney Hospital (Alexis' room)

Alexis does not tell the police she suspects Adam of the fire. Alexis tells the police that many people were out to get her, and name Congressman McVane and Morgan Hess in particular. Alexis also throws out Blake's name.

Scene 14 : Carrington Mansion (Upstairs Hall/Stairs/Terrace)

Once again, Fallon tries to convince her father to make Krystle back at the mansion. Then she goes to the terrace where she finds Kirby asking if her father came back. When she sees Fallon, Kirby says she is leaving. Fallon asks why she is avoiding her. She is sorry for having said once that they were not equals because only Fallon has a child from Jeff. It is going to change now. But Kirby really does not want to talk with her.

Scene 15 : Denver Carrington (Secretary's office/Blake's office)

The police ask Blake for his alibi during the fire. Blake has the perfect alibi though, he was plotting with Andrew Laird to take Steven's son away from him.

Scene 16 : Cheney Hospital (Alexis' room)/ColbyCo (Adam's office)

Alexis agrees to have Jeff, not Adam, run Colby Co in her absence and Alexis seems all too pleased to call Adam to let him know.

Scene 17 : Nine Oaks (Jeff and Kirby's room)

Kirby has a nightmare of Adam seducing her again.

Scene 18 : ColbyCo (Adam's office/Anteroom)

Fallon decides to confront Adam about mercuric oxide and whether he used it to poison Jeff.

Scene 19 : La Mirage (El Matador Bar)

Adam convinces Dr. Jonas to tell Fallon that he was mistaken that Adam's first case involved mercuric oxide. Dr. Jonas reluctantly agrees.

Scene 20 : Nine Oaks (Jeff and Kirby's room)

Kirby phones the doctor Winfield who states that it's too late for having an abortion. Then, Krystle receives a phone call from Jeannette : Joseph is back.

Scene 21 : Carrington Mansion (Lily Pound)

Joseph tries to comfort his daughter, but he is acting all weird. He tells Kirby he will do anything to protect her.

Scene 22 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Still in the Carrington Mansion, Kirby asks Jeannette how Krystle lost her baby. Jeannette does not want to talk about such unpleasantness but does tell Kirby she lost the baby after her riding accident.

Scene 23 : La Mirage (Lobby)

Dr. Jonas tells Fallon he mixed up Adam with some other bright attorney in Billings. Fallon does not seem satisfied with this response.

Scene 24 : Cheney Hospital (Hallway/Alexis' room)

Blake let Alexis know that he does not appreciate that she gave his name to the police. Also, he suggests to her that since she is still alive, someone will try to kill her again.

Scene 25 : Cheney Hospital (Krystle's room)

When the detectives spoke to Blake, he suggested that Mark is the one who set the fire. The police agree and they arrest Mark as he is helping Krystle check out of the hospital. Krystle wants Blake to help Mark but Blake refuses.

Scene 26 : Carrington Mansion (Stables)

Kirby gets an idea, she is going to have a riding accident of her own. As there are no horses at Nine Oaks, Kirby drives out to the Carrington stables and has Tony to get her the most restless horse which Kirby takes for a ride. As Kirby approaches a fence, she eases up on the horse who stops and Kirby goes for a fall.

Next Episode : The Bungalow

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