Previous Episode : Royal Wedding

Scene 1 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Church/Garden/Guest Room)

We see again the sequence of the previous episode with everyone laying on the ground. This sequence dissolves in another sequence with a woman, all dressed in black with a veil, looking at tumbs : there are the tumbs of Blake, Krystle, Adam, Steven, Amanda, Jeff, Dex, Rosalind, Dominique, Brady, Ashley, Luke and Michael. The woman dressed in black raises up her veil : it is Alexis. She cries not only because she is sad but because she feels responsible for this tragedy. Then a man comes behind her : it is Galen. He informs her that the nightmare is over and that she can stay with him in Moldavia and marry him. Alexis strongly refuses : she has no right for hapiness after what happened. Galen insists : he wants her to be his queen. They are about to kiss but Yuri interrupts them and points a gun at them. He first kills Galen and then he shots Alexis. Alexis wakes up : she made a bad dream. She wonders where she is and a man called Warnick, the Minister of the Interior of Moldavia, informs her that she survived the shooting but not everyone had this chance. Alexis is horrified.

Scene 2 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Command Post Room)

Blake wonders when the doctors arrive. Yuri tells him they are on their way.

Scene 3 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

The doctors are still not there and Michael does not survive. Before he dies, he wishes to Amanda to find hapiness. Amanda tells him that she will not be happy anymore.

Scene 4 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

Dex is with Krystle. He wonders where Alexis is.

Scene 5 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Command Post Room)

Alexis is with Warnick. The Interior Minister has decided that he wants Moldavia to continue the deal ColbyCo made with Galen. If the funds are not transferred, she will remain detained in the country.

Scene 6 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Guest Room)

Luke spends his final moments with Steven as the two express their fondness for one another. It is not until Luke is dead that Steven tells him that he loves him. Blake is touched by this scene.

Scene 7 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Adam tries to comfort Amanda : as her big brother, he will be always there for her. But Amanda claims nothing will comfort her. Also, she is worried about Alexis even tough she feels she is responsible for this mess. Adam is worried too.

Scene 8 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Guest Room)

Blake was so touched by Luke's death that he is now ready to accept Steven's values as the equal of his own.

Scene 9 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

Alexis is still nowhere to be found. Krystle hates Alexis but she is ready to give a jewelry-suite to help Dex bribe some revolutionaries to locate Alexis. But Dex does not think it will work. However, he thanks her for the gesture. He understands why Daniel loved her so much.

Scene 10 : Sammy Jo's apartment

Word of the coup in Moldavia did not make it to American news outlets yet. Sammy Jo finally fills in the clueless Rita into her plan of having Rita impersonate Krystle so that Sammy Jo can get revenge on all the Carringtons, but especially Aunty Krystle. Even though she suspects it to be illegal, Rita is game. It is just another acting gig.

Scene 11 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Command Post Room)

Alexis is remembering Galen's love words when Warnick interrupts her fantasy and tells her Galen is dead.

Scene 12 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

Blake comes to comfort Amanda like he did with Steven. But, like Adam, he is unable to do so. Also, Yuri informs them that Michael will be buried in Moldavia, his funerals will not take place in America (and Yuri repeats Warnick's lie : that Galen is dead).

Scene 13 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Ashley's suite)

Jeff and Dominique grieve together. Jeff wonders why all those he loves suddenly disappear. Dominique, cryptic as always, says she needs to leave for Europe to tell "a young person" about Brady's death.

Scene 14 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Command Post Room)

Dex insists to see Alexis. But Warnick will not tell him.

Scene 15 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Dungeon)

The negotiations did not go well so Alexis is being held in a dungeon.

Scene 16 : Moldavia's Airport

Almost the entire clan is shipped off to the airport - Alexis is still missing but so do Krystle and Dominique who have been kept in the palace.

Scene 17 : Sammy Jo's apartment

Rita is watching television and asks Sammy Jo to come immediately. They talk about what is happening in Moldavia. Several persons were killed (they give the list of who died) and the others are going to be shipped off to the USA. Rita notices that Sammy Jo seems worried and tells her that Krystle is apparently ok. Sammy Jo tells her that she does not care about her but Rita can see that she is lying.

Scene 18 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Command Post Room)

The Interior Minister offers Dominique the right to live in one of the King's palaces with the Minister visiting from time to time. Dominique is madly furious about such a proposition from the man responsible for the death of Brady. She wants to come back at her home.

Scene 19 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Dungeon)

Alexis gives a diamonds ring to a soldier in order to be able to see Galen.

Scene 20 : Moldavia's Airport

Blake is going to rescue Krystle and Dex will help him.

Scene 21 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

Krystle asks Yuri why she is not with the others. Yuri says Warnick has a plan involving her : if Alexis does not give millions to the Minister, Blake will do so. He tries to kiss her and she slaps him. Angry, he brings her to the dungeon.

Scene 22 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Dungeon)

Yuri brings Krystle to the dungeon and notices that Alexis is not there.

Scene 23 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Galen's room/Hallway)

Galen is actually not dead, Alexis sees him alive which does not pleased Yuri.

Scene 24 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby)

Alexis is back in the dungeon. She and Krystle hear the soldiers suggesting that they could die.

Next Episode : The Homecoming

Season Guide : Season 6 (retelling)

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