Sexually confused Steven Carrington allowed himself to fall in love with another man while away from his home in Denver. He and his lover, Ted Dinard, lived together in a Greenwich Village walkup apartment in New York. Steven found comfort in Ted, someone who shared his passion for the arts. But Ted was more than that; he was his friend as well as his lover. When Steven returned to Denver for his father's wedding, he broke off things with Ted. Ted, however, refused to accept. this loss, and tried on more than one occasion to reconcile with Steven, but Steven turned him down. Steven was out to "find himself', which was something Ted couldn't understand since he felt Steven and he had "found" each other. Steven's sister Fallon even met with Ted in San Francisco and pleaded with him to give her brother some space. By now Steven was having an affair with Claudia Blaisdel. Ted, in turn, pleased with Claudia to give up Steven, but to no avail. Ted made one last ditch effort to win back Steven, but he was too late. He and Steven said their goodbyes one fateful night in 1981 at the Carrington mansion. As they embraced one last time, Blake walked in and his rage consumed him. He threw Ted away from Steven. Ted fell, hit his head, and died. Blake was charged with manslaughter, convicted, and sentenced to two years' probation. Theodore Franklin Dinard, son of Jason and Dorothy, was one of those poor unfortunate souls to cross paths with the Carringtons.

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