Tanner McBride obeyed the calling of God, and entered the priesthood at an early age. This decision showed great devotion on his part, but it was a decision he would question later. So, Tanner took a leave of absence and set out to explore his feelings and beliefs. Tanner became a priest because of the problem that led to his brother's death. He wanted to come to the aid of people like his brother Arnold. So, he worked with Father Shea, and he counseled troubled teens. Wise beyond his years, and not being much older than those he helped made Tanner a successful counselor. He didn't seem the typical priest - he danced and listened to rock music, played basketball, and drove a motorcycle - so it was no wonder when Sammy Jo Reece first met him that she would have thought him to be a priest. Sammy Jo soon forgot about her current beau, Jeff Colby, and began to have feelings for Tanner. Tanner was also having feelings for Sammy Jo, which caused him to question his vows even more. Even though Sammy Jo admitted her love for him, Tanner could not reciprocate since he was already married to his love - the church.

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