Previous Episode : Krystina

Scene 1 : Memorial Hospital (Krystle's room)

Blake and Krystle are still worried Krystina : will she survive ?

Scene 2 : Penthouse

Dex and Amanda can't stop arguing.

Scene 3 : Memorial Hospital (Krystle's room)

Krystle puts a picture of her new born Krystina in a photo album and prays that she would survive.

Scene 4 : Memorial Hospital (Corridor)

Amanda is appreciative of Blake in his efforts to find her father. Blake does not want to tell Amanda right away that he suspects that he is her father.

Scene 5 : Memorial Hospital (Krystle's room)

Little Kristina has accepted the transfusion and she will be fine.

Scene 6 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Amanda tells her mother that she is considering working for the Denver Chronicle. Alexis thinks Amanda should rather go to college. Dex comes in and argues again with Amanda.

Scene 7 : Carrington Mansion (Lobby/Hallway)

Adam and Dominique are back.

Scene 8 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Adam and Dominique present Rashid's death bed confession to Blake. Blake wants to hold a news conference to establish that he was not responsible for arms smuggling.

Scene 9 : Penthouse (Terrace)/Penthouse

Adam comes to see Amanda and they talk about all the family members. Adam tries to warn Amanda of not making a fantasy about Blake.

Scene 10 : La Mirage (Dominique's suite)

Dominique comes in her suite which is fulfilled of beautiful flowers everywhere. Brady offers a beautiful bracelet to her as he wants to make peace with her. Dominique is no fool, she knows he wants to be forgiven for something more than an argument. She suspects he had an affair while she was away but she can forgive him like she already did in the past (it is not the first time) : she knows how it is difficult for a man with a big ego to be married with a strong woman like her.

Scene 11 : Memorial Hospital (Krystle's room)

Krystle is giving Blake the silent treatment. She is civil to him, but turns away from him every time he speaks to her or does something nice for her like buy her a pearl necklace.

Scene 12 : Memorial Hospital (Corridor)

Jeff tells Blake that he will be out of town for a while. He needs Blake to care about L.B. Blake thinks Jeff should be more responsible with L.B.

Scene 13 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Claudia has that awkward moment when she sees Brady again. It was a one time thing and a mistake. It should not happen again. Brady agrees, he does not want to loose Dominique.

Scene 14 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Blake's investigators in Europe have some information.

Scene 15 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Blake confronts Alexis. After Alexis left Denver, she holed herself up in Switzerland for months. There was no ski instructor. Also, Amanda was not a premature baby. Alexis claims that even if she did conceive Amanda in Colorado, Roger Grimes could be the father. Blake reminds Alexis of their three-months-period of reconciliation. Alexis reminds him that she did see Grimes during that period and that is why Blake banished him from Denver. Back then he did not want to believe that she was only visiting Grimes because she was worried for him - and he was right for once. She did lie to him because she did sleep with Grimes again. Blake finally threatens Alexis that he will ask Amanda for a blood test, but Alexis makes another threat : IF Blake really is Amanda's father, he should now how Amanda was "conceived" - a "detail" that Amanda would rather not like to hear. But Blake says he will explain to her and she will understand. Alexis will not allow it.

Scene 16 : La Mirage (Claudia's office)

When Steven returns from Santa Barbara, Claudia is a little distant because of her feelings of guilt. Claudia continues to suspect there is something more between Steven and Luke. Steven does not help matters by speaking glowingly of Luke.

Scene 17 : Memorial Hospital (Neo-Natal Unit)

Krystle discusses with the doctor. She is relieved to hear that Krystina will not suffer from some aftereffects.

Scene 18 : Penthouse

Alexis will convince Amanda to leave Colorado. She suggests a holiday in New Mexico for both them and Dex.

Scene 19 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Adam suspects that Dominique is more than a business partner for Blake; But Blake won't tell his son who Dominique really is.

Scene 20 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Luke adds fuel to the fire in Steven and Claudia's wedding by showing up at the mansion and talking to Claudia like she is competition.

Scene 21 : La Mirage (Lobby)

Dominique says goodbye to Brady who needs to leave Denver and track down some singer he wants to have in his recording company. He will not be there for christmas time.

Scene 22 : ColbyCo Jet/ColbyCo (Alexis' office)/Carrington Mansion (Library)

Alexis sends Dex and Amanda together to New Mexico. She pretends she has some problem with one of her tankers but actually she is dealing something for their future stay in London. Alexis will join them and the three will go off to London. Blake does not like the idea of sending Amanda away from Denver.

Scene 23 : New Mexico's Lodge

Alexis should not have left Dex and Amanda alone because the two end up making love after another one of their spats.

Scene 24 : New Mexico's Lodge

The following morning, Dex says it never should have happened and that she not do it again. Amanda reluctantly agrees.

Scene 25 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Blake, Dominique and Adam hold the news conference. They claim that Dominique charmed the confession from Rashid. The press is placated. Blake still does have the issue of the military patrols in the South China Sea that is interfering with his exploration and drilling efforts, but Blake is certain he can take care of that.

Scene 26 : Memorial Hospital (Krystle's room)

Krystle blames her fight with Blake as the cause for the premature birth of their child. Kristina could have died and all because of Blake's attitude. The two had fought over Rashid Ahmed and Krystle wants to know that truth of Blake's involvement in Rashid's death. Blake feels vindicated in Rashid's death only because the army officer who shot and killed Rashid did so because he had a personal vendetta against the man. Blake feel any remorse for the role that they played in setting the events that allowed Rashid's death. Besides, the man was a scoundrel.

Scene 27 : New York Bar

Jeff visited several modeling agencies in New York until he found out where Birgit Helmstrom worked. There, he was told that she went one day to Los Angeles and never came back since. Birgit's best friend confirmed to Jeff that Birgit left with Peter De Vilbis. Further strengthening Jeff's belief that Fallon is alive is that Birgit went to Seattle with Peter since she phoned from there to her best friend. Nikki is fed up to hear about Fallon, she wants to go to Peter's island and start building a resort there. Jeff states it can wait.

Scene 28 : New Mexico's Lodge

Just as the awkwardness increases between Amanda and Dex, Alexis arrives and has great news - she is going to take the two to England and while in England, Alexis will marry Dex.

Next Episode : That Holiday Spirit

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