Scott Cassidy

Coleby Lombardo (screen capture from the second season of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "And Baby Makes Four" (1986)
Last appearance "Crossroads " (1987)
Portrayed by Coleby Lombardo
Family links


Cash Cassidy
Monica Colby (real mother)
Adrienne Cassidy (adoptive mother)


Jason Colby (grand-father)
Sable Colby (grand-mother)

Scott Cassidy was a bright, inquisitive child who loved anything to do with space and astronomy. He was the son of Senator Cash Cassidy and his wife Adrienne.

When his father became involved with the IMOS (Internationally Meant Orbital Satellite) project, Scott couldn’t be happier. Not only did he get to leave Washington to go to California, but he also got to watch rocket launchings, which was exciting to the child. His life was shaken upside down when he met Monica Colby, one of the executives on the project. They both hit it off immediately as they share many things in common.

However, Adrienne was more than just an overprotective parent. She saw Monica as a threat, and wanted to keep her away from Scott. One day, Scott caught Adrienne and Monica arguing and learned the reason for his mother’s dislike for Monica and his father’s indifference toward his mother – Adrienne was not his mother at all, not his biological mother, but Monica was. Hurt and confused the boy ran away. When Monica found him, he was devastated and told her he hated her. They later reconciled and as much as he liked Monica, Adrienne was the only mother he’d ever known. He told Adrienne he would stand by her.

, his grandmother, Sable Colby, picked him up one day after school and drove off with him. This was the last time Scott was seen on "The Colbys” and nothing much was mentioned about him on “Dynasty” except to say things did not work out and Monica no longer had contact with either Scott or Cash.

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