Sarah Curtis
Sarah Curtis

Cassie Yates (photo shoot for season 7)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Mothers" (1987)
Last appearance "The Affair" (1987)
Portrayed by Cassie Yates

Married to

Boyd Curtis (19xx-1987; his death)

Romanced with

Dex Dexter (?; before her wedding)

Family links


Cathy Curtis (dead)






Sarah Curtis and her husband Boyd were two of Dex Dexter's oldest and closest friends. They enjoyed themselves and had many good times together.

Sarah and Boyd had a daughter Cathy, whom was well loved. The happiness the Boyds shared was fleeting as it all came to an abrupt end in 1987. An auto accident took the lives of Boyd and Cathy, and Sarah was left alone.

At the same time, Dex's friends Blake and Krystle Carrington were facing a difficult hardship of their own. Their daughter Krystina was dying and in need of a heart transplant. Dex persuaded Sarah to donate Cathy's heart so Krsytina might live. It was an agonizing decision, but she agreed.

Blake and Krystle wanted to show their appreciation to Sarah, and after she attempted suicide, they felt responsible for her and took Sarah into their home. Sarah developed a relationship with Krystina, but it took a dangerous turn when Sarah began to lose her grip on reality and began dressing Krystina like her daughter, and calling her "Cathy".

Blake and Krystle failed to see the warning signs until it was too late, and Sarah left the mansion with Krystina, believing her to be her deceased daughter. The mothering instinct in Sarah kicked in when Krystina began to get ill. Sarah had to give Krystina back to Krystle or she might get worse.

Once reunited with Krystina, Krystle and Blake made sure Sarah got the best medical help available, and Sarah was on the road to recovery.

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