Sam Dexter

Ed Nelson (photo shoot for season 7)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Downstairs Bride" (1983)
Last appearance "The Mothers" (1987)
Portrayed by David Hedison & Ed Nelson

Married to

XX Dexter (19xx-19xx) (her death)

Romanced with

Alexis Colby (19xx)

Family links


Dex Dexter
Marin Dexter



 • CEO of Dexter Corporation (19xx-1983 ; 1985-?)


 • Member of the Board of Directors of Denver-Carrington (19xx-1983)

The Dexters were to ranching what the Carringtons were to oil. Farnsworth Dexter was the largest and most successful rancher in the American West. The Dexters lived quietly in Wyoming on their ranch.

Sam’s oldest child was a son whom they named Farnsworth after Sam's father. Farnsworth II didn't like his name too well, and began going by "Dex" instead. They had another child, a daughter Marin.

Dexter Corporation was a powerhouse, and Sam was a powerful, influential man. Sam became business partners in the 1950’s and 1960’s with Andrew Colby and Tom Carrington, and the trio formed a mining project called Colterton. The trio were good friends as well as associates.

Sam was also good friend with Tom's son Blake. He even held a seat on Blake's board of directors at Denver Carrington. Sam also took advantage of that relationship, and at one time had an affair with Blake's wife, Alexis. It is ironic to think that the woman who could have been the mother of his son, Dex, became his daughter-in-law when Dex married her.

When Tom became involved in Nazi plunder, his co-partners came to his aid. They buried the treasure and made a pact to never to reveal “the Collection” until the time was right for its release. Sam honored that pact to the end.

His health became an issue in the late 80’s, and he began to deteriorate fast.