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Scene 1 : Moldavian Summer Palace

The Carrington family arrive at the palace. Three limos arrive. The first one with Krystle, Blake, Steven and Adam, the second one with Jeff, Ashley and Claudia and third one with Dominique, Brady and Luke.

Scene 2 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Alexis tries to convince Amanda that she is being stubborn and that she should marry Michael even if he did have an indiscretion with Elena.

Scene 3 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

Even miles away from Denver, Krystle is still worried with Sammy Jo.

Scene 4 : Sammy Jo's apartment

While Sammy Jo is still furious against Krystle, Rita informs her that she has been chosen for the advertisement as she has been able to suppress entirely her southern accent.

Scene 5 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Drawing Room)

A reception is held for the family while Yuri is keeping an eye on Michael. He also wonders why Elena tries to do everything possible to destroy his wedding. She says he knows why : because she wants to avoid what happens if the wedding takes place. She does not want Michael to be "hurt". Or worse. But Yuri reminds her that many Moldavian people can't accept that American could appropriate the natural wealth and ressources of Moldavia. Michael should not marry Amanda. Meanwhile, Blake realizes there is something wrong when Amanda claims to be sick.

Scene 6 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Blake confronts Amanda and tells her she needs to grow up.

Scene 7 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

Further, Blake questions Michael and Michael is so sincere in his story that Blake believes Michael is telling the truth and that nothing happened between he and Elena.

Scene 8 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Thanks to Blake, Amanda is now willing to believe Michael.

Scene 9 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

Ashley still has not given Jeff an answer to his proposal. Dominique tells Ashley that she should go for it because it is rare for a man to want such a commitment. Then Brady interrupts them and Ashley let them alone. Brady has made a long trip to reconcile with Dominique. But Dominique is still angry against him and she can forgive that because of him she was humiliated by Alexis

Scene 10 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

Krystle is thinking of Sammy Jo : why is she so different of Amanda, so vindicative ?

Scene 11 : Sammy Jo's apartment

Sammy Jo wants Rita to hear Krystle's voice and to mimic it.

Scene 12 :Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

Blake notices that Yuri is always keeping an eye on everyone and wonders why.

Scene 13 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Drawing Room)

Steven and Jeff have a nice chat about Luke and Ashley. They are both happy and Steven mentions the fact that he considers Jeff like his brother, more than Adam. Jeff also considers Steven like his brother. Adam happens to hear them while he is with Blake and Krystle.

Scene 14 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Galen's suite)

Galen tries to convince Alexis to stay in Moldavia. Alexis is tempted.

Scene 15 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Alexis' suite)

Dex is leaving because he caught Alexis and King Galen in a compromising position. Galen wants to be with Alexis, but Alexis has avoid his advances. That does not matter to Dex. He cannot believe he got himself wrapped up in this mess.

Scene 16 : La Mirage (Ashley's suite)

Jeff is spending more and more time with Lady Ashley.

Scene 17 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Drawing Room)
Even if something did happen with Michael, King Galen made it perfectly clear to Elena that she needs to tell Amanda that nothing happened. Galen phoned to Elena's father who orders his daughter to do it.
Scene 18 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Elena herself tells Amanda that Michael did nothing with her. Amanda still is not convinced. Still, an heavy-hearted Elena leaves the palace.

Scene 19 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

While she is with Krystle, Claudia tells her that she has decided to leave Denver. She needs to start a new life. Krystle is sorry to see her leaving. After all these years, Claudia has become a friend for her. Even thought she hated her at first because of her affair with Matthew, Claudia now also consider Krystle as her friend.

Scene 20 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

Steven tells Luke that when they get back from the wedding he is going to move into Luke's place with Danny and he does not care what anyone thinks. Luke is very happy and the two kiss.

Scene 21 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Garden)

Claudia also tells Brady that she is leaving Denver. Brady wishes her good luck and embraces her. Dominique arrives at this moment but Brady tells her why he did embrace Claudia. Claudia confirms that she was saying goodbye to him and nothing more. It seems that the news of Claudia leaving is pleasant enough to convince Dominique to stop giving the cold shoulder to Brady. She says she belives in him and kiss him.

Scene 22 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Alexis' suite)

Amanda does not re-agree to marry Michael until Michael catches Amanda stopping Dex from leaving and then gets into a fight with Dex.

Scene 23 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Exteriors)

As Dex leaves, he notices that it was kind of late for a wine delivery. Dex may know too much, so Yuri, head of security, knocks Dex out and has him tied up. Nothing is going to stop their plan.

Scene 24 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

The weather is pretty bad. Just after that he mentioned to Krystle that the weather was as bad as the day when Fallon disappeared,, Blake confronts Adam and tells him that he needs to make peace with Jeff and Steven for good and Adam agrees.

Scene 25 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Drawing Room)

Adam phones Marin and tells her otherwise : he is still decided to exclude Steven and Jeff from Denver-Carrignton and the best way to do that is to take over the company.

Scene 25 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Amanda's suite)

Amanda and Alexis have a nice mother-daughter talk. They are interrupted but Amanda's other "mother", Rosalind, who came from England to be there for her "daughter". Alexis hardly hides that she does not appreciate that Amanda is still considering Rosalind like a mother.

Scene 26 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Ashley's suite)

Commitment is not a problem for Jeff but Ashley thinks her age will be. She is unable to give him a second child and she does not want to worry every time he will look a younger woman. Jeff claims that age is not a problem for him. Still, Ashley tells Jeff that she cannot marry him and that she will be returning to Paris alone.

Scene 27 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Blake and Krystle's suite)

Blake and Krystle are ready for the wedding. The weather is now fine.

Scene 28 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Small Room)

Dex wonders why he has been tied up. Yuri says he and his men are after destiny.

Scene 29 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Guest Room)

Amanda is ready for the ceremony.

Scene 30 : Moldavian Summer Palace (Church/Exteriors/Small Room/Corridor)

The ceremony is interrupted by revolutionaries who decide the wedding is the perfect time for a coup d'etat. They are also horrible shots. Michael appears to get shot in the shoulder, the same with Galen. Dex, who has escaped, arrives a little too late but does manage a gun battle with Yuri, and the gun goes off but who was shot. The scene ends with everyone laying on the ground.

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