Rosalind Bedford

Juliet Mills (screen capture from season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Secret" (1984)
Last appearance "That Holiday Spirit" (1984)
Portrayed by Juliet Mills

Married to

Hugh Bedford (until his death)

Family links


Amanda Carrington (adopted)


Alexis Colby
Caress Morell






The cousin of Alexis Colby and Caress Morell (and possibly of Sable Colby and Francesca Scott) is Rosalind Bedford. Rosalind was married to British diplomat Hugh until he died.

When Alexis fled Blake in 1965 she came to Rosalind. Alexis gave birth to Blake's daughter Amanda without him knowing for she failed to tell Blake she was pregnant when he exiled her. Alexis was still young and carefree, and did not wish to be saddled down with a child, so she put Amanda off on Rosalind and Hugh.
They raised Amanda as their own and gave her a name, Amanda Bedford. They were loving parents, and Amanda even got to know Alexis, who visited from time to time.

In 1984, Amanda realizing the truth came to stay with her real mother. Soon, her real father wanted answers. Blake turned to Rosalind, who eventually told Blake the truth.

Although Amanda loved the Carrington's, she still felt a close bond to Rosalind and turned to ther for comfort. She did put one stipulation on her relationship with Alexis: Alexis would regret the day if she ever hurt Rosalind!