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Roger Grimes was the handsome young son of Alfred Grimes. He was an architect who became the Carrington estate manager in the 1960’s. He designed and built Alexis' art studio, and shared her passion for art. Blake Carrington was a busy man. His main desire was to see his company, Denver-Carrington, grow and prosper. This left Alexis alone, and she embarked on a passionate affair with Roger, who shared her enthusiasm for art. While doing renovations to the Carrington estate, Roger stumbled upon an amazing collection -- stolen Nazi treasure! Blake's father Tom, Sam Dexter, and Andrew Colby, had become involved with the plunder years ago when they operated a mining project called Colterton. The three made a secret pact to hide the loot for safekeeping until the time was right for its announcement and return, but Roger uncovered their secret. He planned to take it, and wanted Alexis to leave with him. However, Blake discovered Roger in bed with Alexis, and in a jealous rage, he beat Roger to a pulp, breaking both his legs. Alexis thought she'd seen the last of Roger, but when he recovered, he contacted her, and the two would meet secretly. Unfortunately, Blake surprised them again, who dumped Alexis and told her to leave. Alexis ran to Roger, but he had a change of heart, and revealed that she had just been a meaningless affair to him. When she refused to believe him, he started to beat her. Alexis' young daughter Fallon watched in terror as Roger struck her mother. Then, Fallon picked up Roger's gun and shot him. Alexis was unconscious, and Fallon blocked out the whole ordeal. Tom hid Roger's dead body in the old mine, and flooded it. For years, everyone believed Blake had just scared Roger so badly that he ran away from Denver and the Carringtons forever. Roger left a widow, Emily, and a son, Dennis. Years passed and Alfred had not heard from his son, so he decided to take revenge upon the Carringtons, and agreed to kidnap Blake and Alexis' grandson, LB. Colby, for Dr. Nick Toscanni. He was found, though, and arrested. More time passed and another person was seeking revenge, this time it was Sable Colby. She hired a diver, Gibson, to explore the old Colterton mines, and his interference caused a body to surface -- Roger's. Alexis accused Blake of murdering Roger, and a murder investigation was opened. Blake was willing to take the blame if it meant keeping the lid on the collection. All was exposed when Roger's son Dennis, and corrupt police captain John Handler, exposed the secrets to the world. Fallon remembered she shot Roger, but it was too late to save Blake, who lost everything in the end.

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