Rita Lesley

Linda Evans (screen capture from season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Photo Finish" (1985)
Last appearance "The Accident" (1986)
Portrayed by Linda Evans

Romanced with

Joel Abrigore (198x-198x)






Rita Lesley was a so-so actress when she met Sammy Jo.

She was content with doing commercial, but ever-scheming Sammy Jo noticed a strong resemblance between Rita and her "auntie" Krystle. Daniel Reece left his fortune to Sammy Jo on the condition that Krystle serve as the executrix of the estate. Sammy Jo was convinced that with the right make-up and a little coaching, Rita could impersonate Krystle long enough for greedy Sammy Jo to get her hot little hands on daddy Daniel's estate.

Then Joel Abrigore, Rita's lover, entered the picture. He choreographed the whole scheme and successfully traded Rita for Krystle.

At first no noticed, then Steven began to suspect something, LB saw a change, and Blake was beginning to wonder why his wife was acting so strangely. Alexis, on the other hand, was sure Krystle had finally showed her true colors! Rita developed a hatred for Mrs. Colby as strong as Krystle's.

As time went on, Rita caused more and more suspicion. In an attempt to throw off Blake, she and Joel began to poison Blake. After Krystle escaped Joel's clutches, Rita panicked and fled. They remain at large.

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