Rashid Ahmed
John Saxon (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Mid-East Meeting" (1982)
Last appearance "Domestic Intrigue" (1984)
Portrayed by John Saxon

Romanced with

Alexis Colby

Family links


Farouk Ahmed (brother



N/A (†)


Business mediator

During her many escapades across the world, Alexis Carrington met the amorous Rashid Ahmed. As mysterious as he was handsome, Rashid was a powerful Middle East tycoon who filled Alexis with passion. The two had a short affair, and Alexis added another notch to her bedpost. They lost touch until Rashid began business dealings with Blake Carrington. Blake was getting nowhere in his transactions with Rashid, so Alexis stepped in. She met Rashid in Rome, and set up a meeting between Blake and Rashid. Blake arrived and a deal was cut, much to the delight of Alexis, who at the time, was trying to woo back Blake into her waiting arms.

Later, Rashid's brother Farouk came to Denver with a business proposition for Blake, but Blake refused. Insulted, Farouk swore revenge. When Blake's grandson, Blake Jeffrey Colby, was kidnapped, suspicion fell upon Farouk. Though cleared of any wrong doing, it caused a rift between Blake and the Ahmed brothers.

This would come back to haunt Blake when he began competing for the oil leases for the South China Seas in 1983, because he would be forced to do business with Rashid again. Alexis once again entered the picture. She was now the head of ColbyCo, Blake's chief business rival, and Blake had scorned her one time too many. She schemed with Rashid to ruin Blake financially, and Rashid was happy to accommodate her. Although her plan worked, Alexis lost her lover, Dex Dexter, in the process, as he caught her in a compromising position with Rashid. Blake tried to repeatedly to prove Alexis influenced Rashid, but was unsuccessful.

Finally, in 1984, Blake got his chance. He sent his son Adam and Dominique Deveraux to Istanbul to extract a confession from Rashid about his deception in the South China Sea oil leases. Rashid agreed, and signed a full confession, but tried to get away from the authorities and was shot and killed before he could escape.