We all surely remember some monologues and dialogues of the characters featuring in the series. Some phrases were funny, some others were dramatic, but one is sure - we remember them because they captured our sympathy, as parts as the great script of the series. This page of the site offers the opportunity to call some memorable quotes from Dynasty, The Colbys and the 2017 Reboot.


In alphabetical order


Adam to Blake: I know, I'm your son Adam. But let's both just forget that. Because now when I met you, I'm happy to remain just the guy I was before I ever heard your name, Carrington. What a rotten family it must be!
Adam: You're not going to like having me as an enemy.
Blake: It couldn't be worse than having you as a son.


Alexis to Blake: Take this junk, and your blonde tramp, and get out of my house!
Alexis to Fallon: I'm glad to see that your father had your teeth fixed... if not your tongue.
Alexis to Krystle: The cabin is on fire! This is all your fault! Every time you come into my life, something terrible happens to me!
Alexis to Krystle: I just can't wait for the day when I see you walking out of this house carrying the same two cheap plastic suitcases that you walked in here with!
Alexis to Lady Ashley: I don't care whether your relationship with Dex is personal or professional, Dex is mine, in the boardroom and in the bedroom.
Alexis to King Galen: I want you out of here, your pathetic, your loathsome, your despicable majesty!
Alexis to Krystle: You've won this round... but the night is still young.
Alexis: God are you still here? I thought you were just a temporary infestation!
Sable: Well Alexis I see you're back from Africa, it's a dangerous place for most animals but I see you're alright!
Alexis to Sable: Oh go away, catch a mouse or something!
Alexis in "Dynasty: The Reunion": We're all in each other's lives, whether we like it or not. Somehow I think that we do like it.


Blake to Alexis: You can sleep in the master bedroom tonight. I'm having it disinfected tomorrow.
Blake to Alexis (trial for custody): Day that I'm afraid of your truth Alexis there'll be snowflakes in hell.
Blake to Krystle: If I started from dead scratch tomorrow, I'd have a million dollars by the end of the year and ten million by the year after that. It is nothing to do with what I am or who I am. Do I really have to be poor to turn you on?
Blake: Krystle, I'm more than tired of losing my personal battles. I don't want to lose you too. I love you too much for that.
Krystle: I love you too, Blake.
Blake to Dex: Dexter, the first time I met you, I called you 'young man', and you told me that you had as much experience and as much knowledge as the big boys. Well, welcome to the big time.
Blake: I wanted you to be a man.
Steven: I am a man. Just not your kind. You know, I'm finally facing up something here. I tried to live a lie, to please you. Not any more. From now on, I'm gonna live my life my way. I'm a homosexual, dad. I'm a gay! And I want you to face it. And say it. Say it! Steven is gay! Somebody say it!
Fallon: Steven is gay!


Claudia: You've made a prostitute out of me.
Cecil: I taught you how to use sex for gain. And it apparently upsets you.
Claudia: It disgusts me.
Cecil: How naive you are for a bright young woman, Claudia. Don't you know that if you want something in this world, you have to pay for it?


Dex: So therefore I figured we could break breadsticks together and talk about what really goes on behind closed doors.
Alexis: That's what closed doors are for to keep out the curious.
Dex: I wouldn't worry about Alexis, she'll find a way to land on her feet...
Sable: Or her back!


Dominique: Won't it just knock their socks off when they find out... I'm a Carrington.
Dominique: The champagne is flat.
Alexis: Really?
Dominique: I assume the bottle was refrozen.
Alexis: If my champagne won't do to your demands, Mrs Deveraux, don't drink it. The caviar is definitley faultless.
Dominique: I won't try it. It's not my kind of caviar. I prefer Russian Beluga.
Dominique to Alexis: Alexis, I didn't thank you for your present. [she slaps Alexis]


Fallon to Ted: Steven comes from a world where culls, cripples and homosexuals are taken out behind a barn and slaughtered before they get a chance to breed.
Fallon: My whole house is falling apart, my life is crumblling. My life! I ask you to help and you decide to put it all together with 15 minutes in the sack, right?
Jeff: Tell me something. And give me a straight answer this time. Did it ever occur to you to blame yourself for that you are a selfish, egotistical, shallow kid? Next time, remind me to fall in love with a woman, not a spoiled brat.
Jeff to Adam: What are you doing here, Adam? Selling poisoned apples?


Kirby: You bitch!
Alexis: If I am, take a lesson from me, you may need it in life.


Krystle to Blake: Blake, you have a great talent for knowing where oil is and how to get it out.
Krystle: I don't think this was very descreet of you Fallon.
Fallon: Don't lecture me on discretion, Miss hypocrite. You of all people... "I'm not a child Matthew. I'm a grown woman." " But I love you Krystle. God knows I will always love you...Krystle."
Krystle: You're trying to buy me off!
Alexis: People buy and people sell and I am a master at both!
Krystle about Alexis: Alexis is a very complex woman, who seems to inspire passion in people, you either love her or you hate her and she seems to enjoy it either way.
Krystle to Alexis: Alexis, I love the desk. The tusks - they're so you!
Krystle to Alexis: If you want a rematch, just whistle... if you can!
Krystle: Blake is my husband now and has been for a long time. Stay away from him!! Do I make myself clear?
Alexis: Krystal clear!
Krystle to Alexis: What a perfect picture - Pearls before swine... You break 'em - You bought 'em.
Krystle: Alexis! What are you doing here?
Alexis: I've been asking that same question about you Krystle, and I still haven't found an answer that satisfies me.
Krystle to Alexis: I could kill you Alexis, and no jury in the world would ever convict me!


Sable: Hello Alexis. Glad to see you've uh, sobered up.
Alexis: And now my hangovers arrived.
Sable to Dex: Alexis is a fraud and uses men like cheeses with an expiration date.

Sammy Jo

Sammy Jo: See, like Steven told me, Blake Carrington isn't your real daddy. Which makes you, what we use to call back home, a bastard.
Fallon: You miserable liar! You vicious miserable liar!
Sammy Jo: O, am I? Well, why don't you ask your mother. Afraid Fallon? What's the matter? Cat gotten your high and mighty tongue?
Sammy Jo to Alexis: What's wrong Alexis? Didn't one tramp hear what the other trump just said?


Steven to family: You know what really hurts me the most? I hate what you all stand for. I hate your values, your morals, your blindness. But I love you. I love you all very much...

The ColbysEdit

In alphabetical order


Constance: I feel very sorry for you!
Sable: Ha, you bother. You may won this time. But that was a child's play! You won't find the next round so easy!
Constance to Zach: Enjoy it, Mr. Powers, because, as long as I am alive, you will never see this room again from behind that desk. Never!!!


Fallon: You sound as if you hate me.
Miles: You know something? I don't know how I feel about you.


Francesca: I didn't cause the split between your mother and father. They had problems long before.
Bliss: Problems are a part of marriage, I am told. If it weren't for you, they'd still be together, working it out.
Francesca: I came here to make peace.
Sable: Well, you ain't gonna get away with a hug and a kiss. You stole my husband and I'll never forgive you!


Jason: I don't trust you either. I don't take kindly to a married man making a play for my daughter.
Cash: Stay out of this - it's none of your business.
Jason: My family is my business. If I ever see you touch her again, you won't be able to run far enough or fast enough. If you don't believe me, boy - you ask your father what it's like to cross me.
Jason: When the doctors told me I was dying, I took a look at my life. All these houses, helicopters, money... Good prizes... I never gave a damn for any of them, really. For me it was, just doing it, a challenge... like a game. But, Sable loves the prizes. Maybe, that's why I lost her.
Francesca: It takes two to kill a marriage, Jason. You can still save yours, if you try.
Jason to Philip: You are the one she wants. But, you should be good to her. Believe me that I'll find you! So, help me...


Jeff to Jason: A real Colby blood is thicker than water, right? You are my father's brother. I thought that would mean something more to you.
Jeff: I am a Colby!
Miles: You got your mother's words against you father's, right?
Jeff: You just can't accept it, can you? Fallon chose me.
Miles: Keep her out of this!
Jeff: Don't you realize how pathetic you look?
Miles: Pathetic? I'll show you how pathetic I am. You killed Randall! You'll pay for that!


Miles: Stay away from her! It's the last time I'm gonna tell you!
Jeff: Or what, Miles? She should have her memory back, well, it's back. Isn't that what makes us even? Look, it's gonna be Fallon's choice. Right now you have the marriage in name only, and that may not last much longer.


Monica: Neal, I know you don't like me. I'm not starting a fan club for you either, but, Dominique put us in bed together and I'd like to make it work.
Neal: The problem is that we can't be both on top, can we?


Sable: What I am supposed to say - dear Constance, I wish I had half of your integrity, half of your wisdom, half of your sense of honor?
Constance: But, you do, Sable, you do. Almost exactly - half.
Sable to Francesca: He's been with me for 28 years. I won't fight you. I don't need to. The memories will do that, happy ones and sad ones. You'll be fighting them to the rest of your life.
Sable: You'll be her husband... and I'm gonna fight very long and very hard for the dignity that I threw away. It would be the thing I may need.
Jason: You always had that... always.
Sable: Thank you.


Zach: I was thinking how you have everything - power, money... beautiful wife...
Jason: You have everything, too, Zach... Except for the wife.
Zach: What puts you one up on me, for the moment.
Jason: You're planning on taking a wife?
Zach: Perhaps. The only question is - whose?
Zach to Sable: We are two people who lust for the same things, but we will have them! Money, power, beauty... and that touch of danger that makes things exciting! We are on fire, mi amor! You can have that fire now... Later, you will beg!


In alphabetical order


Who else can you trust to run the family business except family? I'm a Carrington. And our business is literally power. If you drove a car today, charged your cell phone, or made breakfast, chances are Carrington Atlantic had something to do with it.