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Scene 1 : Nine Oaks (Living Room)

While Fallon is at Nine Oaks (she brought L.B. to Jeff), Jeff talks about what happened between them in Montana and touches Fallon's cheek.Kirby comes at this moment and surprises them. Then she runs to her bedroom.

Scene 2 : Nine Oaks (Jeff and Kirby's room)

Jeff try to explain to Kirby that she is overreacting but she does not to hear his excuses.

Scene 3 : Nine Oaks (Living Room)

When Jeff comes back from upstairs, he sees Fallon starting to leave with L.B. and the nurse (Irene). She insists he should stop that. He is married wih Kirby and he should tries hard to makes it works. Jeff thinks Fallon is an hypocrite because she slept with him in Montana but she does not want to hear that anymore. It will not happen again.

Scene 4 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule)

Blake is flying out to Los Angeles for some oil conference. Fallon wants to go with him in order to check out a few architects for La Mirage's new wing.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Dinning Room)

Fallon has a tussle with her brother Adam over breakfast. Adam claims that Fallon's hostility is a result of her not getting laid of late. According to him, if only Fallon had a man would she more pleasant to live with.

Scene 6 : El Royale (Steven's apartment)

Alexis continues to lean so much on Steven. Claudia voices her displeasure but Steven tells his wife this is what she gets for marrying a man in the oil business.

Scene 7 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Alexis manages to buy an article in the financial page giving her side as to why the merger did not occur. Krystle is ready to go on the offensive, which Blake loves.

Scene 8 : Penthouse

Jeff, similarly, is furious of Alexis' scheme so he wants to force her to sell out to Blake the Denver Carrington shares owned by ColbyCo. As she refuses, he tells her that he is going to sell his shares of Colbyco. If she wants to buy him them out, she will sell him her shares of Denver Carrington, the former estate of Cecil (Nine Oaks) and half of Blake's football team that Cecil bought under the name of Logan Rhinewood. She accepts as she wants to run ColbyCo all by herself. Jeff gives her good luck with that : she has very little experience in business so in six months, she will be ruined and CobyCo will be history. She is determined to prove him (and Blake) otherwise. makes a deal with her. She will buy Jeff out. Jeff gets the 47% interest in Denver Carrington and Alexis will get Jeff's 50% interest in Colby Co.

Scene 9 : Penthouse (bathroom)

Steven tells Alexis that all this leaning on him is causing some strain in his marriage. Alexis claims that is not her intention.

Scene 10 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

The transaction allows for Jeff to return to Denver Carrington and to be a thorn in Adam's side.

Scene 11 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Alexis makes a peace offering to Claudia by going through her closet in order to get her a more appropriate wardrobe for Mrs. Steven Carrington. Claudia will consider it.

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

With Blake in Los Angeles, Jeff runs the shop. Dex then learns that Jeff is joining Denver Carrington.

Scene 13 : Penthouse

Alexis returns to her penthouse to find Dex ready to talk business. Alexis claims she does not conduct business in her penthouse. Dex had other matters in mind - like dinner. Alexis turns him down but not after a kiss which is witnessed by the new bodyguard, Mark (who was spying them).

Scene 14 : Denver Carrington (Adam's office)

While Krystle is gone, Tracy is going to publish a press release about a new complex developed by Denver Carrington. Adam guesses that she wants to take the laurels instead of Krystle. But Tracy claims that she worked on the project long before Krystle get hired.

Scene 15 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Adam kisses Tracy and tells her he is as ambitious than she is. But Tracy is going to play hard to get with Adam.

Scene 16 : Los Angeles (Racetrack)

Fallon meets some playboy, Peter De Vilbis, who gives a racing tip to her. Fallon, being stubborn, makes up her own mind and chooses a different horse.

Scene 17 : Los Angeles (Racetrack)

Meanwhile, Blake and Krystle talk with a friend of them who describe their divorce as the friendliest divorce on record.

Scene 18 : Los Angeles (Racetrack)

Fallon should have listened to Peter as his pick, Allegre, won the race.

Scene 19 : New Otani Hotel & Gardens (Fallon's room)

Peter tracks down Fallon's hotel room and presents her with a bouquet of flowers and money. Peter played the horse on behalf of Fallon and he won $6,000.

Scene 20 : Nine Oaks (Living Room)

Jeff comes home but Kirby is not there. A maid says she hears Kirby telling a taxi driver to drive her to Walnut Street. It is actually the street where Joseph had his bungalow.

Scene 21 : New Otani Hotel & Gardens (Fallon's room)

Fallon gives into Peter's charm.

Scene 22 : Joseph's bungalow

Kirby is crying alone in the dark. Jeff takes her in his arms and says he is deeply sorry.

Scene 23 : New Otani Hotel & Gardens (Fallon's room)

A point in Peter's favor, he reminds Fallon of her father.

Scene 24 : New Otani Hotel & Gardens (Restaurant)

Fallon tells Blake and Krystle that she will stay in Los Angeles for a few days.

Scene 25 : New Otani Hotel & Gardens (Peter's room)

What Fallon does not know is that Peter a cocaine addict and owes some people $6 million in Italy. Peter assures his attorney that he can get the money in a few days since he bedded Fallon, who has a very wealthy father.

Scene 26 : Medical Plaza (Dr. Winfield's office)

Now that he has been rejected by Fallon once again, Jeff decides he will shower his wife with attention. A cruise may do Kirby well. Before purchasing the cruise tickets, Jeff goes to talk with Kirby's doctor to make sure that she can make the trip. But the doctor tells Jeff that Kirby is actually five months pregnant rather than three.

Scene 27 : Nine Oaks (Hallway/Living Room/Jeff and Kirby's room)

Jeff rushes back to Nine Oaks to confront Kirby.

Scene 28 : Nine Oaks (HJeff and Kirby's room)

Kirby tells Jeff that she did not know she was pregnant at the time they wedded and that the pregnancy was a product of rape. Jeff asks who raped her. Kirby tells Jeff that it was Adam.

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