Nikolai Rostov
Nikolai Rostov
Adrian Paul (photo shoot for the second season
of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "The Matchmaker" (1986)
Last appearance "Dead End" (1987)
Portrayed by Adrian Paul

Engaged to

Bliss Colby (1986-1987)

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Dancer at the Colby Center

Bliss Colby met the love of her life when she accepted a public relations job for her mother, Sable. Sable, a patron of the arts, was sponsoring a ballet company featuring Russians Nikolai and Anna Rostov, a brother and sister-dancing duo.

At first Bliss was put off by “Kolya’s” rudeness, but at the same time she found she was attracted to him. She learned later that his coldness was only a front for he and his sister were under the constant eye of their choreographer, Sasha Malenkow, a KGB agent.

Soon, however, it became more and more difficult for the two, and they had to admit their feelings for each other. Anna warned Bliss to stay away, which she did for a while, but Kolya, on the other hand, couldn’t stay away from Bliss. Bliss admitted to Sable that she loved Kolya, but Sasha had already decided to send the Rostovs back earlier than planned back to Russia.

In love with both Bliss and America, Kolya made plans to defect. On route to the airport, he and Anna would flee. The KGB gave pursuit, and Anna was caught. Kolya made it and asked for political asylum. Sasha refused at first to cooperate, but Jason Colby and the media got involved and he backed down.

Kolya was allowed to speak with Anna one last time, she decided to go back to their mother and younger brother, and the siblings said good-bye. Now Kolya was left alone with the Colbys in a strange new land. Without Anna, Kolya needed a new dance partner. Bliss and Sable found a new partner for Koyla – Georgina Sinclair, an old flame. From the start, Georgina tried to come between Kolya and Bliss. She was unsuccessful, and their love for each other grew stronger.

Finally, Kolya asked Bliss to be his wife, which she eagerly agreed. The two planned to marry and live in New York where Kolya would start his own dance company.

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