Nicole Simpson
Nicole Simpson
Susan Scannell (photo shoot for season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Secret" (1984)
Last appearance "Life and Death" (1985)
Portrayed by Susan Scannell

Married to

Peter de Vilbis (198x-1984; his death)
Jeff Colby (1984-1985 ; fake marriage)






Peter de Vilbis was a parasite who preyed on the Carringtons. He seemed dashing and continental, but he used the Carringtons, Fallon in particular. So there was no love lost when he perished in a plane crash in 1984 -- the Carringtons probably thought they were rid of de Vilbis. Then, enter Nicole Simpson. Nicole was Peter's wife, but she never let anyone in on that secret.

She met up with Jeff Colby later that year. Jeff, who was supposed to marry Fallon, was in mourning, believing Fallon was not only dead, but had run offwith de Vilbis. Nicole took advantage of Jeff's depression, and used him to help her in her schemes -- of all things looking for lost treasure! Jeff agreed, but only because Nicole had convinced him that it might not have been Fallon who died with Peter. Indeed, a mysterious woman followed them. While on their quest in Bolivia, they met a woman who was impersonating Fallon.

Later, Nicole tricked a drunken Jeff into believing that they had married. Jeff, never blinking an eye, took Nicole at her word, and brought her home to the Carrington mansion. Nicole's opportunistic ways took over. She was cruel to Jeff's son LB., showed indifference towards Dominique being hospitalized and in need of major surgery and she and Jeff fought constantly, especially after discovering Nicole was Peter de Vilbis' wife.

Nicole may have fooled Jeff, but Alexis was her superior. Alexis discovered Jeff had been duped and was by no means married to Peter de Vilbis' widow. Upon this discovery, Jeff sent "Mrs. Colby" on her way.