Nick Kimball

Richard Lawson (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Reward" (1986)
Last appearance "Shadow Play" (1987)
Portrayed by Richard Lawson

Romanced with

Dominique Deveraux (1986-?)

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XX Kimball
Ruth Kimball


Octavia Kimball



Foreman at the Crater Project (1986-1987)


Owner of Dominique I (1987-?), Ruth II (1987-?) and Octavia 3 (1987-?)

Blake Carrington only turns to the best, so when he needed a drill foreman for his new Carrington Ventures, he turned to the best in the business -- Nick Kimball.

When Blake introduced Nick to his sister and business partner Dominique Deveraux, Nick was head over heals in love. Dominique felt differently, though. She had just gotten out of a failed relationship with her old flame Garrett Boydston, and was hesitant about getting involved with another man.

However, if time was what Dominique needed, Nick could give her that. He had all the time in the world. He continued to pursue her, and eventually proposed to her. She denied.

One thing that stood in their way of happiness was Dominique's daughter, Jackie, who longed to see her parents reunited. After Jackie finally realized it wasn't meant to be, she gave Dominique and Nick her blessings.

When Nick proposed a second time at Adam and Dana's wedding, Dominique accepted, and the two left for New York to be married, and then a life together in Los Angeles.