Neil Kittredge
Neil Kittredge

Philip Brown (photo shoot for the first season
of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "Shadow of the Past" (1985)
Last appearance "Checkmate" (1986)
Portrayed by Philip Brown

Romanced with

Monica Colby (1985-1986)





Assistant Manager of Titania Records (1985-1986)
Manager of Titania Records (198x-1985)

Impressed with Monica Colby's spirit, Dominique Deveraux offered her the head position of her company, Titania Records. This didn't sit well with Neil Kittridge, who lost his job to Monica. Although the two clashed from the start, there was a certain amount of sexual chemistry between them.

Monica discovered blind country singer Wayne Masterson, and presented him to Neil, who did not share her enthusiasm about the singer. It was just one more thing for the two to argue about. Dominique put a stop to their endless bickering and forced them to work together. Neil apologized to Monica over dinner in San Francisco, and two spent the night together. Little did Monica know she was sleeping with a married man.

Neil became jealous over Monica's relationship with Wayne, but Monica put him in his place when she informed him that Dominique told her about Neil's marriage to Gail. Fed up with Neil's behavior, Monica fired him, only to have Dominique pressure her to re-hire him. So, Monica swallowed her pride and asked Neil back to Titania.

Although she set the terms that it would be business only between the two, Monica gave in to Neil and the two resumed their affair. Neil promised to divorce his wife as soon as possible, but lied to Monica and she found him in bed with Gail. It was the last straw. It was over between them. It became official when Dominique sold Titania to Zach Powers.

Monica almost lost her life over this relationship, after finding Neil with Gail, she flew up with her plane and crashed in the mountains. Luckily, she was saved from the burning wreck.