Neal McVane

Paul Burke (screen capture from season 3)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Kirby" (1982)
Last appearance "The Scandal" (1988)
Portrayed by Paul Burke

Romanced with

Alexis Colby (197x)






Senator turned Congressman Neal McVane's life went out of control when he got mixed up with the Carringtons. When Alexis Colby, his former lover, threatened to merge Blake's Denver Carrington with her Colbyco, Blake Carrington tried to get help and support from McVane and his Washington associates. When Alexis got wind of this, she tried first to seduce McVane, and then ruin him. She investigated his past and made several shocking discoveries, which she promptly leaked to the press.

When his political career fell to his feet, McVane swore revenge. He was one of the suspects in the plot to kill Alexis by trapping her and Krystle inside a burning cabin. Then, he began using Mark Jennings to uncover dirt on Alexis. When this backfired, McVane murdered Mark. He went to great lengths to set up Alexis. He donned a wig and Alexis' cloak and made sure Steven would see him push Mark from Alexis' terrace. Steven was sure he'd seen his mother commit murder, and even testified to it in the court proceedings that followed. Adam and Dex put their detective skills to good use and proved McVane's actions. McVane went to jail, and Alexis triumphed yet again.

Prison, though, did have some advantages for McVane. His cellmate, Charlie Braddock, told him a fantastic tale of Adam Carrington's kidnapping, and how the Adam Carrington was killed the next day. McVane was released soon after and confronted Adam with the information. Adam checked with Dr. Jonas Edwards, an old family friend, who collaborated McVane's story (for whatever reason). He was not Adam Carrington, but in all reality, Michael Torrance. McVane blackmailed Adam for ColbyCo secrets. Adam was tom between loyalty and the truth. He began drinking and his life got out of control. He tried to run away, but couldn't. When Blake and Alexis were finally confronted with the truth, it no longer mattered. To them he was Adam Carrington, and they took legal steps to ensure that. Revived, Adam confronted McVane and sent him on his way.

Eventually, Adam learned Charlie's story was a ruse and he truly was a Carrington. As for McVane, he showed up one last time. This time he tried to persuade Blake to let him help him in his bid for the governor's office. Blake refused McVane's sleazy offer, and McVane was never heard from again.

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