Need a sleazy private investigator? Call Morgan Hess. When the Carringtons need someone to dig up the dirt on a nemesis, they turn to Hess. Hess's services have been called upon over and over by Alexis, Adam, and Sammy Jo. When double-crossed by Alexis, he attempted to get back at the vixen by trying to convince Claudia that her long-dead husband Matthew was still alive. He even bedded down with Sammy Jo when the two hatched a scheme against the Carringtons: the two sent pictures of Blake with Ashley to Krystle and pictures of Krystle with Daniel to Blake. It didn’t work. Hess isn't always on the up and up. He is devious and underhanded. Still, he is efficient and intelligent. Sleazy as he is, he's the best in the business – even if plaid has gone way out of style.

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