Michael of Moldavia

Michael Praed (photo shoot for season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The ball" (1985)
Last appearance "The Dismissal" (1986)
Portrayed by Michael Praed

Married to

Amanda Carrington (1985-1986; annuled)

Engaged to

Elena, duchess of Branagh (1985)

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Galen of Moldavia
XX of Moldavia





 • Socialite
 • Top manager of La Mirage (1985-1986)

The heir to the throne of Moldavia was suave, handsome, and cool. Michael, the son of King Galen, was betrothed to the Duchess of Branah, Elena. However, Michael forgot all about her once his eyes caught a glimpse of beautiful Amanda Carrington.

Captivated by her beauty and sophistication, Michael was enthralled. He was sure he had found his princess. The two became lovers, and were married in 1985, supported by a secret business deal between Alexis (who wanted to get Amanda out of the reach of her husband Dex) and King Galen (who was in need of money for his country).

However, Moldavian terrorists took advantage of the ceremony to overthrow the monarchy, and expelled Michael from Moldavia, and assassinated the king... or so everyone thought. Galen was alive, but held captive. Alexis Colby and Dex Dexter went undercover, and with Elena's help, rescued the disposed monarch.

Meanwhile, Michael tried to adjust to an ordinary life in Denver, but with very little success. His wife suffered badly under the pressure of Michael's insistence to continue as "Prince and Princess". He became Chairman of his father-in-law's hotel, La Mirage. When Alexis brought Galen to Denver to recover, he plotted to use the Colby wealth to recapture the throne. Michael hated the idea and told his father that he wasn't going to take part in his schemes. However, they were found out, and Galen was exiled from Denver.

Michael tried to save his marriage, but it was too late: Amanda had returned to her old love Dex. Heartbroken, Michael left Denver, but is unlikely that he joined his father in Portugal, since he really despised him after what he had done to him and his life.

Whatever happened to the deported prince and his father remains one of "Dynasty's" unsolved mysteries.

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