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Scene 1 : Cheney Hospital (Emergency Area)

Dominique, who has finally been recognized as a Carrington and won her first battle with Alexis, is transported to the hopsital.

Scene 2 : Cheney Hospital (Emergency Area)

Dominique has a heart valve issue.

Scene 3 : Cheney Hospital (Emergency Area)

Blake tells the rest of the family to leave and to get rest. Nicole is more than happy to leave the hospital.

Scene 4 : Cheney Hospital (Emergency Area)

Adam really hates that Blake is treating his family members as subjects and vents to Claudia. Claudia is more understanding and calls Krystle to be with Blake.

Scene 5 : Cheney Hospital (Dominique's room)

Krystle joins Blake. Blake tries to summon her away but it does not work.

Scene 6 : Penthouse

Alexis phones Sam in order to find Dex. Sam does not know where his son is. Meanwhile, she continues to convince Amanda to contact Prince Michael - even though he is engaged. An engagement can be broken.

Scene 7 : Paraguay Jungle

It appears that Dex has malaria and needs to return to the States. Daniel will bring him back there.

Scene 8 : Cheney Hospital (Dominique's room)

Dominique's heart valve issue that requires surgery. Dominique is not afraid of dying though. She has lived a very rich life. Blake assures her that she will not die.

Scene 9 : Penthouse

Alexis learns about Dominique's condition.

Scene 10 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Adam is not convinced that Dexter International should be in charge of the drilling in the South China leases. On the contrary, Jeff thinks it should (Steven remains neutral). Ashley comes in while they are talking. Jeff and Ashley are clearly happy to meet after all these years.

Scene 11 : Cheney Hospital (Dominique's room)

Krystle wants to inform Brady of Dominique's condition but Dominique does not want to see him.

Scene 12 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory/Lobby/Hallway)

Luke needs to see Steven and finds an excuse to visit him at the mansion. Steven admits that he wanted to see Luke also. The two need to talk, but not in the mansion. As the two leave, the hit on Blake and Krystle who have returned from their vigil at the hospital. Blake handles this much not so badly but asks Steven to speak with him the next day.

Scene 13 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Jeff enters in the library while Blake is having some excellent news out of Bolivia. Thanks to Blake's informator, Jeff learns that Nicole's marriage to him is a sham. She staged the whole thing. Jeff admits he let himself be used but is probably relieved he can get out of this arrangement that would never work. However, he does not like that Blake is controlling his life.

Scene 14 : Carrington Mansion (Solarium)

Nicole seems genuinely sorry but Jeff does not want her in the mansion anymore.

Scene 15 : Penthouse

Instead of going straight to the hospital, Daniel brings Dex at the penthouse. Dex collapses in front of Alexis. Alexis is furious against Daniel but there is not time for an argument right now. Dex needs to go to the hospital.

Scene 16 : Cheney Hospital (Dominique's room/hallway)

Dominique is brought to the operating room.

Scene 17 : Cheney Hospital (Operating Room)

Dominique is operated.

Scene 18 : Cheney Hospital (Visitor's lounge)

Blake does not want to have Krystle at his side. When Krystle leaves she sees Daniel. He is here for Dex. She is relieved that Daniel is all right but she wants the truth about his "missions". He admits that him and Dex are basically mercenaries. Then Krystle leaves for good while Alexis comes to speak to Daniel. She forbids him to bring Dex again in a rescue mission. But Daniel states that Dex is his own man, Alexis can't decide for him. Nor him (Daniel).

Scene 19 : Cheney Hospital (Operating Room)

The operation seems very tough.

Scene 20 : Cheney Hospital (Hallway)

Thanks to Dex, Alexis has an excuse to be in the hospital to feign concern for Dominique and to get a few digs in on Blake and Rashid Ahmed's death.

Scene 21 : Cheney Hospital (Dex's room)

In his delirium, Dex calls out to Amanda and this does not sit well with Alexis.

Scene 22 : Delta Rho (Daniel's office)

Marin has not heard about Dex for several days and she thinks Daniel may know about it. Daniel informs her that her brother is at the hospital. It seems that Daniel and Marin had an affair some years ago but it was obviously not a wonderful experience to Daniel as he wonders if Marin is in Denver for gold digging again. She claims that she is going to be her own woman and she will not need a man to rely on. Daniel wants to see that.

Scene 23 : Cheney Hospital (Operating Room)

The operation continues.

Scene 24 : Cheney Hospital (Lobby/Visitor's lounge)

Steven meets with Blake at the hospital while Dominique is in surgery. Blake seems to be understanding about Luke and Steven. Probably the loss of Fallon and the potential loss of Dominique has made Blake soft as he does not want to lose Steven.

Scene 25 : Cheney Hospital (Operating Room)

Dominique's surgery seems to be a success but then her heart stops.

Scene 26 : Cheney Hospital (Hallway)

Dominique's doctor is called back.

Scene 27 : Cheney Hospital (Lobby/Visitor's lounge)

His talk with Steven does not stop Blake from talking to Claudia and trying to convince her to give Steven time and to nudge him back to the heterosexual existence. Claudia claims she cannot do that and she is handling herself well with Blake when Adam comes in and tells Blake he must face the fact that Steven is gay. Claudia or any woman can't change that. But Blake does not want to talk about that particular subject with Adam.

Scene 28 : Cheney Hospital (Operating Room)

The operation continues.

Scene 29 : Carrington Mansion (Conservatory)

Jeff informs Krystle that Nicole left and confides he is still thinking of Fallon.

Scene 30 : Cheney Hospital (Visitor's lounge)

When Blake learns that Dominique is fine he happens to be with Lady Ashley. Krystle see them being intimate.

Scene 31 : La Mirage (Sierra Room Bar)

Jeff immediately seems to take an interest in Lady Ashley even though she is not willing to succumb to him just yet.

Scene 32 : Cheney Hospital (Dominique's room)

Blake is vigiling Dominique. He seems that he really care of her now.

Scene 33 : Cheney Hospital (Dex's room)

Marin is vigiling Dex but Alexis orders her to leave the room, she needs to speak to her husband. Marin reluctantly agrees to leave. Alexis questions Dex but he is not able to answer right now.

Scene 34 : Penthouse

Alexis needs to take care of her daughter so she contacts Prince Michael's father, King Galem, and proposes a merger of sorts - get Prince Michael to break off his engagement and to marry Amanda.

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