Leslie Carrington
Terri Garber (photo shoot for season 7)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Rig" (1987)
Last appearance "Colorado Roulette" (1988)
Portrayed by Terri Garber

Romanced with

Michael Culhane (198?)
Clay Fallmont (1987)
Dex Dexter (1987)
Jeff Colby (1987)
Sean Rowan (1988)

Family links


Ben Carrington
Melissa Saunders


Blake Carrington (uncle)
Dominique Deveraux (aunt)


Adam Carrington
Fallon Carrington
Steven Carrington
Amanda Carrington
Jackie Deveraux





Worked on the Carrington-Colby Pipeline for Dex Dexter (1987)
Executive assistant at Colbyco (1987-1988)

Raven-haired Leslie Carrington was the daughter of Ben Carrington and Melissa Saunders. Ambitious, scheming, and conniving, Leslie got what Leslie wanted. She and her mother left her father in 1971 and she grew up not knowing Ben, nor the fact that he tried to find his family. Leslie was at home working in an office, or in the field, as oil coursed through her veins as much as any other Carrington.

After her arrival in Denver in 1987, she was involved with several men, including Dex Dexter and Michael Culhane. However, no one stole her heart like Clay Fallmont. Everything seemed to be going in Leslie's direction: After a lot of fuzz, she reunited with her father, she found a fulfilling career, and discovered the family she always wanted with the Carringtons in Denver. Her happiness was short-lived when her father's bitter enemy, Buck Fallmont (Clay's father), announced that because of the affair Ben had with Emily Fallmont (Clay's mother) years ago, her true love could actually be her brother. The shock and the pain were too much for Clay, who left Leslie for Canada. Ben also left, feeling guilty for the pain he had inflicted upon his daughter. Some of Ben's guilt was assuaged, however, when Leslie told Ben she forgave him for the affair and pleaded with him not to leave.

Alone, Leslie had time to brood. She set out to rediscover herself, using Alexis Colby as a role model. Soon after, she went to work for Alexis at ColbyCo, and became one of the company's top executives. Even Alexis was proud of her new protégée. But Leslie didn't stop there. She scorned Dex, humiliated her cousin Fallon, and slept with Fallon's husband, Jeff. Next, she set her sights on Alexis' new husband, Sean Rowan. The two became lovers, and in no time she became unwittingly involved in his schemes.

Stumbling onto the fact that Sean was the son of the former Carrington major-domo and was hell-bent on destroying the Carringtons, Leslie was terrified she had gone too far. When Sean kidnapped Adam Carrington's infant son, he took Leslie along. This was a terrible drama, which caused poor Leslie a lot of damage, thought it fortunately ended well. After this, Leslie had suddenly gone, and was never mentioned again, so the conclusion would probably be that she had had enough of the dramatic life in Denver, and silently left her family in search for a new life.

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