Previous Episode : The Ring

Scene 1 : Medical Plaza (Examining Room/Waiting Room/Dr. Winfield's office)

The doctor orders that Kirby remain in bed until the birth of her child. Kirby tells Krystle that is was just fatigue.

Scene 2 : Denver Carrington (Blake's office)

Jeff eventually tells Blake about the divorce and Blake really wants to talk to the two to stop it.

Scene 3 : ColbyCo (Steven's office)

Claudia comes to apologize to Steven but he agrees she did the right thing. Alexis, who enters at this moment, does not share his point of view and asks Steven to come in her office.

Scene 4 : ColbyCo (Alexis' office)

Alexis tries to convince Steven to return to his apartment as Claudia has obviously overreacted but Steven trusts his wife.

Scene 5 : Carrington Mansion (Stables)

Krystle tries to convince Blake that he should not interfere in Jeff and Kirby's relationship. Blake suspects Krystle knows more but she plays it off.

Scene 6 : La Mirage (Peter's room)

Peter's cocaine habit has resurfaced.He proposes to Fallon to try it and she says she would rather not. But Peter insists and tells her there is no addiction. Reluctantely, Fallon eventually accepts to make a try.

Scene 7 : Penthouse

It turns out that the old man in the park was actually a detective hired by Alexis to spy on Claudia. Alexis is furious against him and regrets to have not hire Morgan Hess instead. Alexis notices that Mark listened the conversation and sens him off, she does not need him tonight. At least, since he bought her a a fabulous necklace, Alexis is much nicer with Dex. She even let him spend the night with her at ther penthouse.

Scene 8 : La Mirage (El Matador Bar/Hall)

Fallon goes through La Mirage to get another bottle of champagne. Blake notices that Fallon is in some form of intoxication and tells her the owner of the hotel should not be seen in such a state. Fallon tells her father to chill.

Scene 9 : Carrington Mansion (Master Bedroom)

Blake does agree with Krystle and will not try to get Jeff and Kirby to reconcile.

Scene 10 : Carrington Mansion (Dinning Room)

Fallon talks to Blake about Adam and the planned annex for La Mirage. Blake tells Fallon to trust Adam's judgment. Still, Blake will go over the finances for the annex himself. Blake does believe the annex is too costly. Peter can be a high roller all he wants as long as it is with his own money.

Scene 11 : Carrington Mansion (Stables)

Fallon and Jeff argue again because Fallon will have a flying lesson with Peter. But Fallon says to Jeff that what it's really upsetting him is that she sleeps with Peter, not that she flies with him.

Scene 12 : Medical Plaza (Dr. Winfield's office)

Krystle asks Dr. Winfield a second opinion about a pregnancy. He confirms to her that her chance of carrying the baby to term are not higher than 20%. Krystle also learns from the doctor that he had told Kirby to rest.

Scene 13: Denver Carrington (Krystle's office)

Blake enters Krystle's office and sees Tracy there. Blake tells Tracy he has an engagement at 2 and needs his head of public relations there. Tracy tells Blake she will leave a note for Krystle. The problem is that Krystle will never be able to get the note because Tracy then places it under Krystle's chair.

Scene 14 : Carrington Mansion (Hallway/Conservatory/Hallway)

Kirby does not listen to the doctor as she passes out while playing the piano and Adam is there to nurse her.

Scene 15 : Capitol Building (Hall)

Tracy attends the meeting on Krystle's behalf.

Scene 16 : Carrington Mansion (Hallway/Solarium)

Adam stares L.B. and Danny together.

Scene 17 : Carrington Mansion (Kirby's room)

Adam tells Kirby that he will fight with her and makes another proposal for marriage. Kirby now believes that Adam is sincere but she still does not accept his proposal. She can't forget he raped her. Adam tells her he regrets it and will do anything to be forgiven.

Scene 18 : Denver Carrington (Krystle's office)

Krystle finds it strange that she did not see the note and that it fell under the chair. Score one for Tracy.

Scene 19 : La Mirage (Peter's room)

Blake wants to speak to Peter about the costs of La Mirage's new wing. But Peter thinks all the expenses are justified.

Scene 20 : Carrington Mansion (Kirby's room)

Now that he knows that Kirby is sick, Jeff wants to call the divorce off. Kirby says she will take care of herself without him and Adam. Jeff thinks she is masochist and that she is doing all this to punish herself.

Scene 21 : Carrington Mansion (Library)

Adam tells his father that he had raped Kirby after having too much champagne. Blake chastises Adam for what he had done, but did not see fit to call the police. Adam tells his father that he will take Kirby and return to Billings where he can practice law. Blake will have none of that. He is going to keep Adam in his house and make sure he becomes a man.

Scene 22 : Penthouse

Steven has agreed to move Danny and Claudia into the mansion. This action, of course, does not sit well with Alexis. It drives Alexis crazy that all three of her children are living with Blake. To Alexis, there is only one person to blame - Claudia. How could Steven even know that Claudia really saw this mysterious man? Claudia does have a history of being unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Steven defends Claudia and Alexis seemingly relents.

Scene 23 : Carrington Mansion (Vestibule)

While Krystle is in Los Angeles, someone calls the mansion for her and tells Gerard to tell Krystle that she is going to lose everything she loves.

Scene 24 : Los Angeles Racetrack

While Krystle is in Los Angeles, someone calls the mansion for her and tells Gerard to tell Krystle that she is going to lose everything she loves.

Scene 25 : Los Angeles Racetrack

Blake wonders when Allegree will have his next race. Peter, surprised by the question, answers that it's not scheduled yet.

Scene 26 : Carrington Mansion (Dinning Room)

The mystery man calls again upon Krystle's return but gets Blake. The voice tells Blake to go see Allegree.

Scene 27 : Carrington Mansion (Stables)

Allegree is missing. Fallon says someone took Allegree, but Blake corrects her by calling it kidnapping.

Scene 28 : Florist

Some mystery man purchases a violet at a flower shop for Claudia Blaisdel.

Scene 29 : El Royale (Steven's apartment)

The flower is left at door and it spooks Claudia. The only person to ever give her that type of flower was Matthew and the card was signed, "Lancelot", the name Claudia gave to Matthew. Steven assures Claudia that Matthew is dead and this is a horrible joke. Claudia realizes this but wonders who would do such a thing to her. Who indeed?

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