La Mirage



First appearance

"The Wedding" (1982)

Last appearance

"The Victory" (1986)


Harmon Springs, Denver, CO 80201


Blake Carrington


Fallon Carrington (1982-1984)
Claudia Blaisdel (1984-1985)
Michael of Moldavia (1985-1986)
Jay Bradley (1986)

La Mirage is a hotel owned by Blake Carrington. It was called La Mirada before Fallon renamed it. The hotel went under renovations in 1982 and 1984.

Exteriors shots were made at MountainGate Country Club, 12445 MountainGate Drive, Westwood, Los Angeles. Mulholland Tennis Club, 2555 Crest View Drive, Los Angeles was also used at times (for the catfight of Amanda and Sammy Jo in the pool for instance).

Guests Edit

Activities Edit

  • El Matador Bar
  • La Sierra Room Bar
  • Gourmet Room
  • Greenhouse
  • Terrace
  • Upper terrace
  • Tennis courts
  • Pool

Photo GalleryEdit

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