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Krystle Carrington


Dynasty, The Reunion

First appearance

"Oil" (1981)

Last appearance

"The Reunion" (1991)

Married to

Mark Jennings (19xx-19xx)
Blake Carrington (1981-?)

Romanced with

Matthew Blaisdel (1979)


Krystina Carrington


Head of Denver Carrington's public relations department (1984-1985)
Chairman of the Hampton Springs Drug Rehabilitation Centre's fund-raising committee (1987-1988)

Krystle was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, together with her sister, Iris, and her working-class parents. She grew up to be a sweet, wonderful and extremely caring and loving woman, always putting other people's needs before herself. She married Mark Jennings, a tennis pro, unfortunately with a drinking problem, causing the end of their marriage. In 1978, Krystle attended a secretary job in Denver-Carrington. Blake was immediately fascinated when he in the job interview asked her what was

most important to her, and she answered, "Life. Living life to the fullest." Their love bloomed and they married in 1980, unaware of all the trouble and resistance their love was going to have to stand up to. It took a while for Krystle to find her place and get accepted in the "rich man's world" which she joined by marrying Blake. Her ex-boyfriend Matthew Blaisdel and her "romances" with i.e. Daniel Reece and Nick Toscanni are just a few of the things that have almost destroyed her marriage to Blake, but their love lasted through all the years of "Dynasty". In 1983, Krystle discovered that her divorce with Mark was not complete, so she and Blake had to remarry. Mark was killed in 1984, the same year as Krystle gave birth to a daughter, Krystina. Krystle went through both kidnappings, sickness and miscarriages, and in 1988, she got a brain tumor as a result from a fall seven years earlier. She's in a coma for a long time, but luckily woke up in 1991 ("The Reunion") and returned to Denver. She's truly a beautiful human being.

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