Krystina Carrington
Jessica Player (photo shoot for season 7)
Series information
Series Dynasty, The Reunion
First appearance "Krystina" (1984)
Last appearance "The Reunion" (1991)
Portrayed by Jessica Player
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Blake Carrington
Krystle Carrington


Adam Carrington
Fallon Carrington
Steven Carrington
Amanda Carrington


Tom Carrington (grand-father)
Ellen Carrington (grand-mother)
Ben Carrington (uncle)
Dominique Deveraux (aunt)
Iris Grant (aunt)


Leslie Carrington
Jackie Deveraux
Sammy Jo Reece

Cars, furs, nor jewels meant anything to Krystle Carrington. All she wanted was a child, Blake Carrington's child. After suffering a miscarriage in 1982, she was advised not to try for another child. However, Krystle conceived again, and on December 5, 1984, she went into premature labor, and at 8:10 p.m. Krystina Emma Carrington was born. She was very small, 3lb 11oz, and had to fight for her life from the start. Immediately after birth, all of her blood had to be drained, and massive transfusions started. Fortunately, Blake and Krystle's prayers were answered and Krystina's body accepted the new blood.

Krystina was brought home to a world of wealth and love. Despite all their power, the Carringtons are not without tragedy and loss. Krystina was barely four years old when illness struck again. Rushed to the hospital, Blake and Krystle were mortified when told that their daughter could die unless a heart transplant operation could be performed. Time was running out, and a donor could not be found. Ironically, Krystina's aunt, Dominique Deveraux, was visiting Dex Dexter's father Sam on his ranch in Wyoming, when Dex's friends, the Curtises, were in an accident. Boyd and his daughter Cathy died, leaving Sarah a widow. Dex and Sam convinced Sarah she could save Krystina's life by donating Cathy's heart. It was a painful and gut-wrenching decision, but Sarah conceded. Again, Krystina was saved from near death.

Krystina had a happy childhood growing up in the mansion with L.B., Danny, and Lauren. When her mother became sick and her father sent to prison, her sister Fallon became her guardian, so Krystina was without her parents and uprooted to live with the Colbys in California. It's a shame when one so young has to face so many tragedies, but Krystina's story had a happy ending: Blake was found not guilty and released from prison, Krystle made a complete recovery, and they all returned home to Denver, to live happily ever after.

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